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Full-time Faculty of Education

Sal Badali
Professor of Education
PhD, University of British Columbia

Jane Baskwill 
Retired, Associate Professor of Education
PhD, University of South Australia
Research Areas: Practitioner action research; Arts-informed research methodologies; Gender and educational administration; Activism and professionalism; Literacy and gender; Arts-informed literacy learning; Family literacy and parental involvement in education; Early childhood literacy; Peace and environmental education.

Robert N. Bérard 
Professor of Education
PhD, McMaster University
Research Areas: Curriculum and instruction in history and social studies (elementary and secondary); history and politics of education; private/independent schooling and home schooling; teachers organizations; educational policy formation.

Geneviève Boulet
Associate Professor of Education
PhD, Université de Montréal
Research Areas: The learning and teaching of number concepts; history of mathematics in mathematics education; language and mathematics.

G Michael Bowen 
Associate Professor of Education
PhD, University of Victoria
Research Areas: Sociology/ethnography of science, informal science, on-line collaborative communities, graphing/inscriptions learning and use, writing-to-learn science, inquiry activities, gender issues in science education, science teacher education, STEM Education, critical media literacy, science in the media.

Susan (Susie) Brigham 
Professor of Education
PhD, University of Alberta
Research Areas: Lifelong Learning/Adult Education; international/Intercultural education; critical feminist pedagogy; immigrant issues; transformative learning; Africentricity in education; critical race theory.

Antony Card
Dean of Education
EdD, University of Southampton
Research Areas:  Teaching and research interests include pre-service and teacher education focused on health and physical education and health promoting schools.

Ardra Cole
Professor of Education
EdD, University of Toronto

Christine Doe
Associate Professor of Education
PhD, Queen's University
Research Areas: Teaching English as a Second and Foreign Language (TESL/TEFL); language assessment; language teacher training.

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Michelle Forrest 
Professor of Education
PhD, Dalhousie University
Research/Scholarship: Philosophy of education, philosophy in the classroom, aesthetics and the arts in values education, philosophy in teacher education, art as inquiry, controversy in the classroom, feminist ethics of practice in teacher education.

Fred French
Associate Professor of Education
PhD, University of Alberta
Research Areas: Cognition, metacogntion, assessment for learning and learner strategies with an emphasis on exceptionality, learning disabilities and ADHD; educational legislation and administrative practices with an emphasis on student rights and inclusion.

Marnina Gonick
Professor of Education and Women's Studies
PhD, OISE/University of Toronto - Dept of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education
Research Areas: Gender and Schooling; girlhood studies; cultural studies; sociology of education; feminist qualitative research.

Patricia Gouthro 
Professor of Education
PhD, Dalhousie University
Research Areas: Adult Education; feminist perspectives; distance technology; critical theory; life-long learning.

Mary Jane Harkins 
Professor of Education
PhD, Dalhousie University
Research Areas: University, school and community collaborations; globalization; indigenous knowledge and education; literacy assessment and instruction; learners with exceptionalities and inclusive education; teacher education; and international humanitarian issues.

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Sara King
Associate Professor
PhD, Dalhousie University
Registered Psychologist
Research Interests: Social functioning in children with disruptive behaviour disorders and chronic illness, aggression and ADHD, assessment and intervention for complex learning and behavioural disorders.

Eva Knoll 
Assistant Professor of Education
PhD, University of Exeter
Research Areas: Mathematical research situations in the classroom (RSC); research experience in pure mathematics as a learning context; affect in mathematics learning; mathematics in art and in crafts; arts in mathematics.

Ashwani Kumar
Associate Professor of Education
PhD, University of British Columbia
Research Areas: Curriculum Studies; International Curriculum Studies, Geography Education; Place-based Education; Social Studies Education, Holistic Education; Peace Education, Philosophy of Education.

Valda Leighteizer 
Assistant Professor of Education
PhD, Dalhousie University
Research Areas: Social construction of knowledges; issues of equity: (race/racism; sex/gender heterosexism/homophobia).

Amélie Lemieux
Assistant Professor of Literacies
Research Areas: Literacies including multimodality, multiliteracies, digital literacies, and maker education. Engagement in educational settings. Qualitative research methods including but not limited to ethnography; phenomenology; phenomenological hermeneutics; posthumanism. The intersections between literacies and the arts.                                                                                                                                         

Andrew Manning
Professor of Education
PhD, University of Ottawa
Research Areas: Literacy and new technologies; critical literacies; the social construction of literacy and literacy instruction; teacher research and research methodologies.

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Jessie-Lee McIsaac
Assistant Professor/Tier II Canada Research Chair in Early Childhood: Diversity and Transitions
Faculty of Education/Department of Child and Youth Study
PhD, University of Alberta
Research Areas: Early childhood development, health and well-being; School-based health promotion and healthy living; Social determinants of health; Early childhood and educational policy; Engaged scholarship and research collaborations; Qualitative and participatory research methods; Knowledge mobilization.

Melissa McGonnell
Associate Professor
PhD, Dalhousie University 
Research Interests: Assessment and intervention for complex learning and behavioural disorders; cross-discipline practice; teacher and physician education; transition to post-secondary settings.

Jamie Metsala
Gail and Stephen Jarislowsky Chair in Learning Disabilities 
Professor of Education
PhD, University of Toronto
Research Areas: Reading disabilities and reading acquisition, social cognition in children with nonverbal learning disabilities, development of speech perception & phonological awareness, learning disabilities.

Donovan Plumb 

Professor of Education / Director of Teaching and Learning Centre (seconded)
PhD, University of Alberta
Research Areas: Higher Education Teaching, Learning, Teaching Technology, Online Learning, Curriculum Development, International and Intercultural Education, Experiential Learning, Adult Education, Community Development.

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Krista Ritchie
Assistant Professor
PhD, McGill University
Interests: (1) Social, cognitive, and emotional components of learning, decision making, and problem solving processes. (2) Inquiry-oriented instruction. (3) Classroom engagement. (4) Teachers’ assessment strategies and assessment literacy. (5) Teaching and learning evidence-based practices in the professions. (6) Integrated knowledge translation in education and healthcare. (7) Culturally relevant education.

Cornelia Schneider
Associate Professor of Education
PhD, Université René Descartes - Paris 5
Research Areas: Inclusive education; disability studies; early childhood education; sociology of childhood; comparative research (inclusive education in Europe).

Jim Sharpe
Associate Professor of Education
EdD, University of Toronto
Research Areas: Adult and continuing education; social movements; politics of lifelong learning.

Susan Walsh
Professor of Education
PhD, University of Alberta
Research Areas: Female teachers—their subjectivities and experiences (women and difficult experiences in teaching; internationally educated female teachers); Feminist poststructuralist theory; Innovative forms of research (arts-based research, writing as a process of inquiry, poetic inquiry, memory work/collective biography); Contemplative inquiry, contemplative pedagogy, mindfulness; Embodied and relational ways of being and knowing.

Hong Wang 
Associate Professor of Education
PhD, Queen’s University
Research Areas: Teaching English as a second or foreign language; ESL/EFL pedagogy; ESL/EFL teacher education and professional development; language policies; ESL/EFL curriculum implementation and evaluation.

Professor Emerita/Emeritus

William Hare
Professor Emeritus
PhD, University of Toronto
Research Areas: Moral aspects of education and teaching; open-mindedness; critical thinking and the intellectual virtues; the philosophical and educational ideas of Bertrand Russel; philosophy in teacher education.

Anne MacCleave
Professor Emerita
PhD, Pennsylvania State University
Research Areas: Research methodologies; professional ethics; values reasoning; cultural psychology; educators’ implicit assumptions about teaching; learning and schooling.

Sue McGregor
Professor Emerita
PhD, University of Strathclyde
Research Areas: Transdisciplinary methodology; integral leadership; home economics philosophy and leadership; consumer moral leadership; global; citizenship and peace education.

Allan Neilsen 
Professor of Emeritus
PhD, University of Minnesota
Research Areas: Critical literacy; critical pedagogy; teacher beliefs; images of teaching; media education.

Lorri Neilsen 
Professor of Emerita
PhD, University of New Hampshire
Research Areas: Writing as inquiry; poetic and literary anthropology; ethnography; narrative and other qualitative research perspectives, including feminist research practices; aesthetic and digital literacies; popular culture and cultural politics.


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