Program Highlights

A graduate program in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) will prepare you with the skills to facilitate the learning and teaching of English as an additional language. The field of TESOL is as diverse as are the students who come to study with us, and our six graduate TESOL programs are designed to meet their wide range of needs.

In total, there are six graduate TESOL programs to choose from with two master’s programs, two diploma programs, and two certificate programs.

Professional Skills

Our graduate programs are focused on meeting the needs of various student groups to become a more effective educator. Whether you’re an Canadian public school teacher, an individual hoping to work in adult immigration setting or language schools, a graduate degree, diploma or certificate in TESOL can help you to advance your career and to improve the quality of education that your students receive.

A Flexible Learning Environment

At the Mount, we are committed to providing our students with flexible and accessible learning options. We understand that you may be working, studying full-time, or balancing the demands of your family, your career, and your education, and we’re ready to help you succeed. We welcome both full-time and part-time students, and we offer several electives via online learning and on campus.

As a full-time student, you can complete the graduate program requirements in as little as one year. Part-time students generally finish their studies in two years, but if you need a little more time, you can take up to five years to earn your diploma in this program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Applying to any of the above programs is a competitive process, with the acceptance of students being based on the spots available, and as such, we cannot comment on the likelihood that you will be accepted into any one program. Our best advice is to apply and see if you get in.

The most obvious difference is the number of courses needed to complete the programs. The diploma programs are 3.0 credits, the certificate programs are 2.0 credits and the master’s programs are 5.0 credits. The less obvious, but more substantial difference, is the diploma and certificate programs are an introduction into the field of TESOL, while the master’s programs offer students the opportunity to explore the field of TESOL with some more depth and also tailor their program through elective options.

All of the required courses for the master’s, diploma and certificate programs are offered at least once a year. So, it could take a year or more to complete the programs depending on when the courses are offered, and how many courses you take in a term.

Please see our Financial Services pages for more information about tuition and fees for the program.

Yes, the credits obtained through the diploma or certificate programs could be used towards a future MSVU Faculty of Education master’s program depending on the requirements and your acceptance into the program.