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Full Circle: From Co-op Student to Co-op Supervisor

“Katie credits her co-op experience as being instrumental in her personal growth and in helping her become an effective supervisor. “Going through the co-op program not so long ago gave me perspective and the ability to put myself in the shoes of a co-op student. I walked around in those shoes for three work terms and went through the entire process from start to finish.”

“It’s all about the experience” – Tourism grad pursues her passion of creating customized, sustainable travel experiences

“First it was four months backpacking across Asia. Then Shannon lived in the Netherlands for six months, taking every opportunity to travel around Europe. After a brief trip home to Halifax Shannon was off to Southeast Asia. It was here that she met a captain of a yacht, who encouraged her to get certified to work in the industry. Shannon’s mind quickly took off with all the possibilities.”

A Journey Less Travelled: BPR Grad-Turned-Entrepreneur of Local Vintage Shop, Florence’s Collection

“For Karly Piercy, Mount BPR alumni and founder of Halifax-based vintage shop Florence’s Collection, entrepreneurship was always something at the back of her mind. “I’ve always known that I wanted to have my own business one day, but I never could have anticipated the way it happened.”