GLIT 6722

Assessing and Teaching At-Risk Literacy Learners
1.0 unit
Prerequisite: GLIT 6728 or equivalent
The major focus of the course is the assessment and instruction of at-risk readers, ages five through adult. Writing problems are also addressed. Practicum hours required

GLIT 6724

Literature for Children and Young Adults I0.5 unit
An examination of children’s literature and the teaching of literacy. Part I examines the variety of children’s literature, along with current issues in teaching and selection. Analysis, evaluation and selection of literary works meeting the diverse needs, interests and cultures of today’s classrooms will be highlighted. Note: Students who received credit for GLIT 6723 may not take this course for credit.

GLIT 6725

Literature for Children and Young Adults II0.5 unit
A review of pedagogical strategies for teaching literacy through children’s literature. Part II examines the pedagogy of teaching reading, writing and content topics using children’s literature. Students will have the opportunity to explore the pedagogy of teaching special interest areas of children’s literature and will examine home-to-school-to-community connections. Note: Students who received credit for GLIT 6723 may not take this course for credit.

GLIT 6727

Literacy Learning I0.5 unit
An entry-level graduate literacy course. This course examines the nature of language, learning and what it means to be literate.

GLIT 6728

Literacy Learning II0.5 unit
Prerequisite: GLIT 6727
A continuation of GLIT 6727. This course examines how teachers’ beliefs about language, learning, and what it means to be literate shape curricula and pedagogies for literacy learning.

GLIT 6729

Pedagogy of Literacy Learning0.5 unit
Prerequisite: GLIT 6728
This course examines the assumptions and practices entailed in promoting literacy learning in a wide variety of settings.

GLIT 6730

Reflection on Literacy Learning and Teaching0.5 unit
Prerequisite: GLIT 6729
This course will engage students in an examination of their assumptions/beliefs about learning and teaching. A continuation of GLIT 6729, this course will require students to compile a portfolio of work consisting of artifacts and reflections from their learning in the graduate education program as well as from their classrooms. This is normally the last course taken in the MEd in the Literacy Education program.

GLIT 6731/GCRD 6324

Cultural Politics and the Teaching of English0.5 unit
This course traces the social, cultural and institutional functions of the subject English to provide an understanding of how it is a form of cultural politics. The course examines contemporary critical theories and the cultural politics of media (print, electronic, visual) as a means of expanding possibilities of teaching English as a socially progressive subject.

GLIT 6732/GCRD 6325

Reading and Teaching Popular Culture

0.5 unit
This course focuses on the educational and pedagogical dimensions of popular culture. It provides theoretical frameworks, namely, those of cultural studies and critical literacy, to explore the variety of literacies practised in contemporary multi-mediated cultures and the complex social processes brought to bear on the teaching and reading of popular culture.

GLIT 6753

Research Seminar in Literacy Education0.5 unit

GLIT 6754

Research Seminar in Literacy Education
0.5 unit
A course designed for students in the Master of Arts Program in literacy education. May be taken more than once for credential credit.

GLIT 6756

Special Topics in Literacy Education
0.5 unit

GLIT 6757

Special Topics in Literacy Education
0.5 unit

GLIT 6758

Special Topics in Literacy Education
1.0 unit
These courses are designed to allow students to study in greater depth a topic that is treated more briefly in another graduate course or a related topic that is not covered in another graduate course. Note: May be taken more than once for credential credit.

GLIT 6771

Issues in Language and Literacy Research and Practice
0.5 unit
A seminar course allowing for an examination of selected topics in language and literacy research and practice.

GLIT 6792

Theory and Practice of Writing
1.0 unit
An examination of the role of writing as a literate activity. Students will develop their own writing in a number of genres, study the historical roots of writing instruction, and examine critically the philosophical and pedagogical implications of teaching and learning writing from several cultural and epistemological perspectives.

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