All WebAdvisor functionality, including Tax Forms, is now available through myMount. We recommend that you begin using WebAdvisor through myMount to access information that was previously found in WebAdvisor .

Ellucian is ending support for Standalone WebAdvisor. Access to Standalone WebAdvisor at MSVU will remain active during 2021 after which it will be retired .

WebAdvisor through myMount gives you access to all Standalone WebAdvisor functionality including:

  • Tax Forms
  • Pay advices
  • Budget information details
  • Search for classes
  • Submit final grades  (faculty)
  • View class lists (faculty)
  • Register for classes (students)
  • Final grades (students)

Search for classes (no login required)

Login to WebAdvisor through myMount to view these options and more.

Login to Standalone WebAdvisor (retiring after 2021)