Preferred Names

A preferred or chosen name is a name that you commonly use that is different from your legal name – it is about what you want to be called.

While we use the phrase “preferred name”, for many people, this is not just a preference: it is the only name they use, and it is essential to their identity. It is especially important for transgender and non-binary students, whose university experience and well-being are negatively impacted when their preferred name is not used.

Can I use my preferred name at the Mount?

The Mount allows students to use their preferred name for certain purposes such as class lists, e-mail addresses, and student ID cards.

Please note that students will likely see their legal name in some online systems and communications due to the complexity of the Mount’s information systems and the inability of some systems to share information. If this occurs, email

This sounds great. How do I go about using my preferred name?

We hope to make this process as seamless as possible for you and have dedicated one contact person in the Registrar’s Office, to handle everything on your behalf.

Simply email and she will ensure that:

  • Your name is changed in the university’s information systems;
  • Your email address is modified and your name is updated in Moodle and on class lists;
  • An updated Student ID card is printed for you. Your new ID card will typically be ready for you to pick up from the Library the day after you connect with Martine.

Changing Your Legal Name

I have changed my legal name. How do I inform the University?

If you have changed your legal name since applying for admission, the process is simple to change it on all university records. Fill out the Change of Name and/or Address form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office with legal documentation confirming your name change (valid driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, marriage license, etc.).

What is the process for legally changing my name?

You can apply to change your legal name through Nova Scotia Vital Statistics.

This process is different for each province depending on their procedures, steps, and name change fees. Out-of-province students please contact your provincial government to get this process started.