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Writing with academic integrity:  How to use sources, cite  correctly, and avoid plagiarism: a video introduction:

Handouts about the Writing Process

Getting Started (Printable PDF)

Combining Sentences (Printable PDF)

Interruptions and Disgressions (Printable PDF)

Mixed Construction (Printable PDF)

Paragraph Transitions (Printable PDF)

Redundancy (Printable PDF)

Revising (Printable PDF)

Thesis Statements (Printable PDF)

Using Research Effectively (Printable PDF)

** APA 6th Edition available here**

Handouts about Grammar

Active vs. Passive Voice (Printable PDF)

Articles (Printable PDF)

Choppiness (Printable PDF)

Co-ordination (Printable PDF)

Internal Shifts (Printable PDF)

Making Pronoun References Clear (Printable PDF)

Nominalizations (Printable PDF)

Problems with Modifiers (Printable PDF)

Run-on Sentences (Printable PDF)

Sentence Fragments (Printable PDF)

Sentence Variety (Printable PDF)

Structural Parallelism (Printable PDF)

Subject-Verb Agreement (Printable PDF)

Subject-Verb Agreement – Indefinite pronouns and collective nouns (Printable PDF)

Subordination (Printable PDF)

Stylistic Parallelism (Printable PDF)

Which or that? (Printable PDF)

Wordiness (Printable PDF)

Handouts about Punctuation

Apostrophes (Printable PDF)

Colons (Printable PDF)

Commo Splices (Printable PDF)

Commas (Printable PDF)

Commas in a list (Printable PDF)

Dashes (Printable PDF)

Parentheses and Brackets (Printable PDF)

Quotation Marks (Printable PDF)

Semicolons (Printable PDF)

Terminal Punctuation (Printable PDF)