Your Journey to Success


On this page, you will find information to help you transition back to classes. You may also wish to review our page for First Year Students for a refresher on using the academic calendar and understanding university terminology.


1. Before registering for your sixth unit of coursework, you are required to declare your major or program. For more information on majors offered at the Mount and the declaration process, visit the Choosing Your Major section of the Advising website.

2. Download and print the program checklist that corresponds with your degree. Review the checklist to help you prepare for your future course selections. Planning in advance and mapping out a temporary plan of study will ensure you are taking the appropriate prerequisites and degree requirements. You may want to use the four-year planning sheet along with your checklist.

3. Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your academic plan.

Looking for interesting electives? Thinking about changing programs? Wondering what other students might be taking at the Mount? The Academic Calendar offers a full list of departments, programs and course listings.

  • Meet with the Department Chair of your new major. The Chair, or another professor in that department, will become your academic advisor.
  • To change into a new program, follow the same steps you would as if you were declaring a major for the first time: complete a Declaration/Change of Program form and have the Department Chair of your new department sign it. Once that has been complete, take the form to the Registrar’s Office. **Students who wish to change their program to Public Relations must submit an online application for admission to the Admissions Office.
  • You will now have a new set of requirements to meet, and should verify with your advisor that you are on the right track to graduation. Your advisor will help you create your new academic plan.

If you are thinking about applying to the Mount’s Bachelor of Education program after your undergraduate degree, it is important to be aware of the B.Ed. admission requirements. There are specific courses that you must complete in your undergraduate degree to be eligible for the Education program.

For more information on the B.Ed. program, visit the Education website.

If you have additional questions and would like to meet with an advisor regarding the Bachelor of Education program, please book an appointment by calling 457-6657 or dropping by Seton 303.

The Mount offers exciting exchange opportunities all over the world! Please visit the International Exchange website to learn more. You can also contact the Manager of International Education Centre, Amy Braye at (902) 457-6130.

In your final year you must notify the Registrar’s Office that you are prepared to graduate by submitting an application to graduate form via MyMount. Check out the Convocation page for more information.