Posted October 5, 2018

With the legalization of cannabis to take effect in Canada on October 17, the Mount has updated relevant University policies and established new regulations where required.


With regards to smoking and alcohol use on campus, our approach has focused on harm reduction and safety and University policies have reflected this. The University is taking the same approach with cannabis.

Cannabis smoking will not be permitted inside any campus building, including residences, and will only be permitted outside in keeping with the restrictions set out in the University’s Smoking Policy. Similar to restrictions on alcohol possession, cannabis products will not be permitted in any administrative or academic building on campus. Provincial legislation also states that cannabis cannot be used in a vehicle and can only be transported in a vehicle if the cannabis is in a closed, sealed package out of reach of anyone in the vehicle.

In line with existing policies and codes of conduct, students are expected to not be impaired when attending classes and labs. Faculty and staff are expected to not be impaired while at work or performing work responsibilities.

Residence policy

Student Experience has developed a policy governing the use of cannabis in Residence at the Mount, based on consultations with students, sister institutions, and colleagues involved in provincial alcohol and drug harm reduction efforts (including Nova Scotia’s Chief Medical Officer of Health).

The legal age for the use, purchase, possession, or growing of cannabis is 19 years. Students over the age of 19 will be allowed to possess up to 30 grams of legally distributed cannabis (i.e. via the NSLC in Nova Scotia) in Residence. In addition to federal and provincial regulations, the following cannabis-related activities are prohibited in Residence: sale and distribution; possession and consumption of edibles or cooking with cannabis; possession and consumption in common areas; and growing of cannabis.

Students possessing cannabis in Residence must store it (and accessories) in locked, opaque containers that contain the smell and ensure cannabis cannot be visually identified.

Students in Residence are expected to be familiar with the Residence Life Cannabis Policy – available here.

The Residence Life team will focus its efforts on cannabis education and harm reduction in the weeks and months ahead.

Smoking policy

The University’s smoking regulations have been amended to include cannabis. Smoking of any kind (cannabis included) is prohibited inside all Mount buildings, and is permitted outside only at a minimum distance of 10 metres from any building, with the exception of the Child Study Centre where smoking is not permitted within a 30-metre radius of the building. The boundaries have been clearly marked on campus. You can review the University’s smoking policy here.

If students, faculty, staff or visitors to the Mount campus have any concerns about individuals not adhering to the policy, please contact Security at 902-457-6412.


Additional information, including resources on Nova Scotia’s laws, health effects and responsible cannabis use, can be found at:

Other relevant federal and provincial legislation can be reviewed at these links:

The Mount’s aim is to be responsive as circumstances evolve. The University will closely monitor the impact of cannabis legalization on campus and continue to modify our policies as required.