Cultural Studies at MSVU

Cultural Studies analyzes culture – the products and processes humans create to make life materially, socially, and individually meaningful. It is interdisciplinary and multifaceted. Its sites of analysis can range widely (popular culture; urban planning; the history of science; visual art; speculative fiction; music and film). Its core concerns remain: authority (who says?); authenticity (whose values?); and agency (who did this, how, and why?) An increasingly relevant major, CULS is also an excellent complementary minor for Arts and Science majors, as well as for several professional studies degrees.

Why Take Cultural Studies?

  • Enjoy interesting, creative, and diverse courses.
  • Learn skills of cultural analysis that will enrich your life and understanding.
  • Apply your skills in a range of professions from artistic production, writing, journalism, media studies, music, filmmaking, law, arts administration, curatorship, theatre, teaching, public relations.
  • Learn to think well, and think often!

Our Graduates

Cultural Studies graduates are working in a broad range of fields: journalism, library science, government and NGO service sectors, education, arts and culture, and many more.

Many of our graduates also pursue graduate or further study in a range of academic fields, including social and political theory, literature, film, philosophy, cultural studies, and women and gender studies, as well as professional programs in life-long learning, adult education, literacy, and social work. Read what our students say »