The Maritime Data Centre for Aging Research and Policy Analysis is a laboratory for learning, mentorship, and consultation. Many graduate students serve as research assistants on projects undertaken at the MDC.

Student Testimonials

Thea Brown, MA
As a research assistant at the MDC, I was provided with the opportunity of a hands-on research experience. This experience alone helped to significantly develop and enhance my skill set. The MDC provided an invigorating environment to partake in as a new graduate student due to the “hussle and bussle” of multiple projects which exposed me to numerous well-known researchers, multiple research objectives and a variety of methodologies and analyses. This newly gained knowledge from my time at the MDC has helped me to successfully obtain various research positions that have advanced my career.

Holly Smith (MA, incomplete)
Working at the Maritime Data Centre, under the supervision of Dr. Janice Keefe, offered me a place to expand my research skills and learn while accomplishing challenging and rewarding tasks. During my time working at the MDC, I was always encouraged to put my talents to good use. In doing so, I was mentored in several areas, which allowed me to gain insight and understanding into the diverse and complex world of aging research.

Student Job Opportunities

Please check back. Opportunites will be posted as they become available.