Your Next Step Toward the Career You Want

It does not matter if you’re coming out of high school, are an international student or are coming back to school as a mature student. The Tourism & Hospitality Management program can help you find the career you want in this booming industry. Here’s what you’ll need to take your next step.

You may be admitted to the Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management, the Diploma in Tourism and Hospitality Management, or the Certificate in Tourism and Hospitality Management, if you have achieved the following:

  • A minimum of five overall university preparatory Grade 12 classes, including English, with an overall average of at least 70%, and no individual grade below 60%. If your overall average is between 65% and 69%, you will be considered for admission on a case-by-case basis.
  • A grade of at least 65% in Grade 12 English. For admission to the Bachelor Program or the Certificate, you must also have completed Grade 11 and Grade 12 academic math or advanced math.
  • You can be admitted to the Diploma only if you have completed the Certificate program, or are a part-time student with appropriate work experience. It is also open to you if you have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree.
  • If you are an Ontario student, a combination of U Level and M Level courses will be considered as university preparatory courses.
  • If you are a Québec student, you need one year of CEGEP credits (12 credits). If you have 24 CEGEP credits, you can be admitted with up to five full units (10 half-unit courses) of transfer credit.

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The Mount has Articulation Agreements with the New Brunswick Community College, Nova Scotia Community College, Bermuda College, Holland College, Lasalle College, and a variety of international institutions.

If you are a graduate of the diploma programs that the Mount has an agreement with you may be granted up to 50 percent of degree requirements as transfer credit.

For more detailed information about our Transfer / 2 + 2 contact Miriam Gallant.

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If you have completed similar courses at other universities or community college, you may qualify for transfer credit. You can request transfer credit by providing transcripts and detailed course outlines from your previous institution for admissions assessment. Admission Requirements for Transfer Students.

If you have considerable work experience in the field or relevant professional credentials you are urged to discuss your situation with a faculty member prior to registering for classes. The Prior Learning Assessment portfolio is submitted to the Registrar’s Office for assessment by faculty. Your portfolio must include employers’ letters, diplomas, certificates, and/or transcripts. All materials in the portfolio must be clearly linked to the courses that you feel are the equivalent of your experience. Find more information.

You can also challenge for course credit if you cannot transfer credit, or if you cannot provide a portfolio for assessment. Challenges usually involve completing course assignments and examinations.

You can transfer a maximum of 50% of the credits required for any credential: certificate, diploma, or degree.

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Learning is a lifelong experience. If your educational journey is about to begin, and you have been out of school for some time, you are considered a mature learner. Mature learners are admitted on a case-by-case basis. When you apply for admission, please include a statement of educational goals, a resume, transcripts from previous study, and any additional documentation of professional training or experience. You should include both volunteer and paid employment skills. An interview will be arranged with an academic advisor prior to admission to discuss your educational possibilities. For more information on admission for mature learners, refer to Mature Admissions Policy for the Mount.

Michelle Nguyen mature student, smiling.

“As a mature student, I was quite nervous resuming my academic pursuit amidst the pandemic along with family and professional commitments. However, this was one of the best decisions that I have made, especially the decision to attend the MSVU. Without your guidance from the program planning, course registration, classroom instruction, to co-op experience (and everything else in between), my journey would not have been so seamless. For that, I am tremendously grateful.”Michelle Nguyen


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