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Principal Investigator:

Tamara Franz-Odendaal, Full Professor, Biology

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Research Interests within the field of Biology:

  1. Evolution and Development of the ocular skeleton
  2. The effects of non-chemical pollutants on development and growth of the skeleton

Sample of recent papers: see link above for a more comprehensive list

  1. Zinck, N., Jeradi S., Franz-Odendaal TA. 2020. Elucidating the early signaling cues involved in zebrafish chondrogenesis and cartilage morphology. Journal of Experimental Zoology-B: Molecular and Developmental Evolution. (Cover image)
  2. Giffin, J. and Franz-Odendaal TA. 2020. Quantitative gene expression dynamics of key placode signaling factors in the embryonic chicken scleral ossicle system. Gene Expression Patterns: 38:2020:11913
  3. Paige M. Drake, Jourdeuil K., Franz-Odendaal T.A. 2020. An Overlooked Placode: Re-characterizing the Papillae in the Embryonic Eye of Reptilia. Developmental Dynamics 249:2:164-172
  4. Hockman, D. and Franz-Odendaal TA. 2019. Evo-devo explores endless forms most beautiful, from extreme traits to subtle diversities. Developmental Dynamics. 248:11: 1026-1027.
  5. Franz-Odendaal TA. 2019. Skeletons of the Eye: An Evolutionary and Developmental Perspective. The Anatomical Record (Special issue: Extreme Diversity). 303:1: 100-109.

Research Interests within the field of equity and inclusion:

  1. Gender inequity within Science
  2. The impacts of race and gender identity on career progression

Sample of recent papers: see link above for a more comprehensive list

  1. Dengate, J., Farenhorst, A., Peter, T., & Franz-Odendaal, T. (2020). Gender Inequality in Research & Service amongst Natural Science & Engineering Professors in Canada. International Journal of Gender, Science & Technology (accepted).
  2. Dengate, J., Farenhorst, A., Peter, T, and Franz-Odendaal, TA. (2020). “Shining Armour”: What Margaret-Ann Armour Taught Us about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Mentorship in Science. Canadian Journal of Chemistry.
  3. Peter, T., Dengate, J., Farenhorst, A., & Franz-Odendaal, T. (2020). Department culture in Canadian sciences & engineering: An empirical test of the Culture Conducive to Women’s Academic Success Model. Journal of Women and Gender in Higher Education. 13:2: 175-192.
  4. Franz-Odendaal TA, Blotnicky K, Joy P. 2020. Math Self-efficacy and the likelihood of pursuing a STEM-based career: A Gender-Based Analysis. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education. 20(3): 538-556.
  5. Dengate J, Peter T, Farenhorst, A. and Franz-Odendaal TA. 2019. Selective Incivility, Harassment, and Discrimination in Canadian Sciences & Engineering: A Sociological Approach. International Journal of Gender Science and Technology 11:2: 332-353.


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