As a Nutrition or Dietetics student at the Mount, there are a number of groups and societies that you can become involved with. Your involvement will help you connect with your peers, develop your leadership skills and make valuable contributions to others.

Follow the links below to learn more about the groups and societies and to find the contact information links.

Student Nutrition Services is a unique volunteer service led by Applied Human Nutrition students. SNS is committed to providing students and community members with free, accessible, and accurate nutrition information through one-on-one nutrition advising, group presentations and resources. Services include (but are not limited to):

Providing nutrition advice to individuals referred from the Mount Health Office Find the SNS Referral Form here: SNS advising referral form_Revised Feb 2023
Delivering healthy eating presentations to:
Children and youth at local schools
Parents of children in childcare centres
Local community groups
Employees, students, athletic & recreation members of the Mount

Student SNS volunteers can develop their nutrition communication skills and build self-confidence while providing a valuable service to others!

Contact:      Facebook: @mountSNS

Faculty Advisors: Jillian Ruhl and Linda Mann

(Formerly the long-standing national organization: Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals Student Branch (CAFP))

Since 1997, we have had a student CAFP branch at MSVU. In 2019, CAFP dissolved nationally, after many years as an organization. While we were sad to see the end of CAFP, instead of losing our valuable student branch at MSVU the Food and Nutrition Society (FNS) was created. As a re-branded society, FNS has many of the same goals as CAFP. Open to all nutrition students at MSVU, we support our membership with a variety of activities throughout the school year and collaborate with other groups in the AHN department.

​Our objective is to provide our members with professional development opportunities, networking skills, and educational activities outside of the classroom. Executive members build valuable leadership and communication skills as part of a strong team. General member meetings are held during the school year, and a society newsletter is distributed in the fall and spring.

Contact:        Facebook: @MountFNS               Instagram: @mountfns

Faculty Advisors: Linda Mann and Judy Fraser Arsenault

One or more FNS members will also be representatives for the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS), see information below.

The ICFBS was formed in summer 2017. Our mission is to bring students with different backgrounds together and strengthen the Mount community by bridging cultural and communication gaps. We are committed to empowering people through building connections, sharing knowledge, promoting peer support, and leading influential actions. Our vision is of a culturally inclusive community and diversified environment. One World, Many Cultures.

With the diverse cultural environment in Canada and an increasing number of international students enrolling in the Applied Human Nutrition program, communicating, and understanding the diversity in dietary cultures is important to enhance the learning and living experiences for students. ICFBS has positively influenced the Mount community and beyond through assorted food touring and sampling, culture learning, and professional development events. ICFBS provides students with opportunities to enjoy food, advance food-related knowledge, and develop cultural competence by delivering both food and cultural information to students from different backgrounds. Additionally, we aim to promote communication, interaction and connections between local students and international students to help enhance food experiences and cultural literacy.

Join us as an executive member or general member to plan, design and engage in meaningful events with your fellow students.

Contact:          Facebook: @icfoodbridgingsociety         Instagram: @msvu_icfbs

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daphne Lordly and Professor Jennifer Guy

One or more FNS members will also be representatives for the Canadian Nutrition Society (CNS).

The Canadian Nutrition Society is the leading Canadian society that integrates disciplines and professions interested in nutrition, including nutrition scientists and professionals, healthcare/clinical practitioners, government and policy makers, industry representatives (food developers, processors, manufacturers and distributors), and future leaders/trainees.

The purpose of the CNS student-chapter is to keep students informed on some of the latest nutrition-related research. The Student Chapter promotes nutrition science and education and the CNS. This is done by hosting events (supported by CNS) on campus throughout the academic year for students at MSVU.

Contact: Facebook: @Canadian Nutrition Society – MSVU             Instagram: @cns.msvu

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Irene Ogada

MSVU Department of Applied Human Nutrition Student Caucus

The MSVU AHN Student Caucus was formed in 2010 and acts as a liaison between the Applied Human Nutrition student body and department faculty.  This caucus was formed out of recognition that professional communication is sometimes difficult and uncomfortable for an individual to give, yet provides opportunities to give input, ask questions, present ideas or show appreciation.

Student Caucus aims to provide a voice for students and opportunities for students to present constructive feedback and ideas anonymously to the department, as well as to work together with faculty to understand the organization and decision-making process of the department. The main objective is to foster an environment of supportive and effective communication in the AHN program.

Email:               Facebook: @ahncaucus            Instagram: @ahncaucus

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Daphne Lordly

One of the Student Caucus members will also serve as the Dietitians of Canada Student Network Representative. See Dietitians of Canada link.

Contact: Facebook: @DietitiansCAN        Instagram: @dietitianscan