Carol Ann Brennan,
Executive Director, Regional Residential Services Society

MA Family Studies and Gerontology

I returned to MSVU as an adult learner eighteen years into my career. I had been working with older adults with developmental disabilities and their families, and recognized that this program would offer a meaningful opportunity to focus research on subject matter directly related to my professional career path.

While studying back at the Mount, I was met with a welcoming and supportive learning environment. My career experience working with families was recognized and respected, which strengthened my confidence as an adult learner. Inherent in the course work was the benefit of learning from other students who represented varied backgrounds and experiences.

Another positive aspect of being in the FSGN program at the Mount was its faculty. They were committed to ensuring relevance in selected course work, and as a result, I left the program with a distinctly heightened level of knowledge particularly as it relates to influencing public policy along with honed research skills.

Upon graduating, I was fortunate to be given the opportunity for professional advancement. I continued working for adults with developmental disabilities and their families, and feel honored to support them through my work. My work has benefited from professional networks across sectors with a vision to advance the rights and enhance services for persons with disabilities in Nova Scotia.

The return to MSVU was a positive and rewarding experience. Small class sizes, the commitment and expertise of faculty, and the cross pollination of interests and ideas among fellow students made the time spent in this program an enjoyable, challenging, and gratifying experience.