2023-2024 Academic Year

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Undergraduate Academic Calendar

This Calendar is a comprehensive guide to all undergraduate programs and courses, including the Bachelor of Education degree. For information on graduate programs and courses, please consult the Graduate Academic Calendar.

The Calendar also serves as a record of University academic policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of all students to familiarize themselves with the University’s academic regulations and policies in general, and those which apply specifically to their program of study.

Academic Advising

If you are interested in the arts and sciences, you may choose from the various Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs which we offer. Students may choose to do a major or a general studies degree. You must declare your major or general studies degree at the Registrar’s Office before you register for your sixth unit of coursework. You may change your program at any time, with the approval of the appropriate department. Please refer to 2.2.11 Declaring a Major for specific procedures.

The Student Academic Advisor is available for general advising in the arts and science programs. Furthermore, each arts and science department has faculty who can provide advice on the specific major and minor requirements within their department. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that they have a clear understanding of all the requirements in their program of study.

In general, the certificate, diploma and degree programs in the Faculty of Professional Studies and Faculty of Education are more specific with regard to their course requirements. Each professional department has faculty who can advise students on the specific requirements of their programs and students should seek advice for their program of study to ensure that they have a complete understanding of those requirements. Enrollment for several professional programs is limited, so it is essential that you carefully read the admission requirements.

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Investigating the Requirements for a Specific Program

The requirements for the Bachelor of Education and Professional degree programs, certificates and diplomas can be found in the Undergraduate Programs section. The individual listings outline the objectives of each program, how many units you will need to complete and which are the required and elective courses for the program.

The general requirements for the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degree programs can be found in the Undergraduate Programs section. The specific requirements for majors and minors are found under the Department program listings. It is important to ensure that you understand the specific requirements for the major and/or minor chosen for your degree program. Furthermore, you must also ensure that you complete the “general” requirements for your arts or science degree program as outlined in the Undergraduate Programs section.

The requirements listed in the Calendar for the year in which you are admitted to the program are the requirements to follow as you work through your program.


Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2023-2024 academic year which runs from September 01, 2023 to August 31, 2024.

For information on previous years, please consult the University Academic Calendars web page.

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