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The Department of Communication Studies welcomes renowned faculty who are dedicated to providing students with a rich educational experience with theoretical and professional context. Each day, these faculty work hard to provide students with the opportunity to become tactful communicators, inventive problem-solvers and distinguished thinkers.

Full-Time Faculty
Robert Wade Kenny, Professor
McCain Centre, Room 306F
902.457.6683 | | Profile >>

Alla Kushniryk, Associate Professor
Program Coordinator, Graduate Studies
McCain Centre, Room 305B
902.457.5070 | | Profile >>

Tess Laidlaw, Assistant Professor
McCain Centre, Room 306G
902.457.5060 | | Profile >>

Tracy Moniz, Associate Professor
Department Chair
McCain Centre, Room 305F
902.457.6171 | | Profile >>

DeNel Rehberg Sedo, Professor
McCain Centre, Room 306C
902.457.6478 | | Profile >>

Ian Reilly, Associate Professor
McCain Centre, Room 305D
902.457.5557 | | Profile >>

Ellen Shaffner, Assistant Professor
McCain Centre, Room 305G
902.457.6689 |

Amy Thurlow, Professor
Program Coordinator, Bachelor of Arts (Communication)
McCain Centre, Room 305E
902.457.5533 | | Profile >>

Professor Emeritus: Brent King