Program Highlights

Philosophy, said Oxford philosopher Gilbert Ryle, is “thinking hard.” And what do philosophers think hard about? The most fundamental questions you can ask about what exists, how we should live, and what we can know.

Using imagination and careful reasoning, students who sign up for a philosophy course at the Mount get a chance to think hard about questions like these:

  • Does God exist?
  • Are there basic principles that tell us what to do about poverty or war?
  • Is any action really right or wrong?
  • Do we have free will?
  • Is science the only path to truth?

Philosophy students learn to think for themselves about deeply rooted cultural assumptions, and so experience a kind of intellectual liberation that can be empowering for both women and men. As a side-effect, philosophy courses will give you critical thinking skills you can use to advantage in any other course as well as in your career.

Philosophy is stimulating and mind-expanding. And it just might change your life.