What is PECS?

Politics, Economics and Canadian studies, known as PECS.  We are a department with lots of engaging programs:  Political studiesPublic Policy, Canadian studiesEconomics and Philosophy.





Come broaden your perspective – speculate and question your surroundings to help understand the world we live in.


Faculty of PECS – Dr. Maya Eichler, Dr. Tammy Findlay, Dr. El Jones, Dr. Jeff MacLeod, Dr. Meredith Ralston, Dr. James Sawler, Dr. John Schellenberg (missing from photo – Dr. Nargess Kayhani)



Politics, Economics and Canadian Studies 2024 award winners with Chair, Dr. Jeff MacLeod:  Sister Francis Carmel Award – Karrie Newcombe, Dr Nargess Kayhani Award in Public Policy Studies – Joseph Saoud, Dr. Larry Fisk Book Prize- Morgan Hussey


Please see PECS student Morgan Hussey’s story as a lead delegate for the North America Model United Nations and her visit to Parliament Hill – https://www.msvu.ca/msvu-student-morgan-husseys-year-of-political-immersion-navigating-the-model-un-and-parliament-hill/


PEPS – Politics Economics Philosophy Student Society


The PEPS leadership team: 2023/2024. Ellen Smith, first from the right (standing) was elected President.







Scott Ripley and Natalie Locke, President and Vice President of PEPS, 2022-23







MSVU PEPS Constitution


PEPS Gazette 2022-2023


PEP Gazette 1(1) June 2022

PEP Gazette 1(2) July 2022

PEP Gazette 1(3) Aug 2022

PEP Gazette 1(4) Sept 2022

PEP Gazette 1(5) Oct 2022

PEP Gazette 1(6) Nov 2022

PEP Gazette 1(7) Dec 2022

PEP Gazette 2(1) Jan 2023

PEP Gazette 2(2) Feb 2023

PEP Gazette 2(3) Mar 2023

PEP Gazette 2(4) Anthology Edition 2022-2023

PEP Gazette 2(5) May 2023