Full Time Professors
Dr. Adriana Benzaquén
Associate Professor
PhD, York University
Research Areas: Early Modern Europe, Children and Youth, Women

Dr. Roni Gechtman
Associate Professor
PhD, New York University
Research Areas: Modern Europe, Jewish History

Dr. Arthur McCalla
PhD, University of Toronto
Research Areas: Religion, Intellectual History

Dr. Colin Osmond
Post-doctoral Fellow
PhD University of Saskatchewan
Research Areas: Indigenous and Settler Canadian History

Dr. Jonathan Roberts
Associate Professor
PhD, Dalhousie University
Research Areas: Africa, Medicine and Healing

Dr. Corey Slumkoski
Associate Professor and Chair
PhD, University of New Brunswick
Research Areas: Atlantic Canada, Digital Humanities

Dr. Martha Walls
Associate Professor
PhD, University of New Brunswick
Research Areas: First Nations, Atlantic Canada, Women

Part Time Instructors

Dr. David Campbell
PhD, University of Calgary
Research Areas: Military, Canadian

Retired Professors
Dr. Janet Guildford
Dr. Frances Early (Professor Emerita)
Dr. Kenneth C. Dewar (Professor Emeritus)
Dr. Wayne Ingalls (Retired)