Sandeep Dhillon, PhD Student

MA Family Studies and Gerontology

Beginning my masters in Family Studies and Gerontology at Mount Saint Vincent University, I quickly realized the small classroom sizes and the level of engagement I would have with my peers and professors. In this program I felt I was able to actively participate in discussions and bounce ideas off of other students with ease. As an undergraduate student, I attended a larger university and I would often feel my voice was not strong enough to feel comfortable to engage in class conversation. However, I felt supported as a FSGN student because the program supported my learning style. The professors in this department are truly dedicated to helping and encouraging their students to become stronger researchers and analytical thinkers. I found the courses in the program helped enhance my learning and allowed me to complete my master’s thesis with confidence.

My master’s thesis focused on the Mental Health and Well-Being of Older Immigrant Punjabi Women Living in Nova Scotia under the supervision of Dr. Áine Humble. The thesis based FSGN degree has given me invaluable experience as I have gained strong research skills and assisted me to complete a meaningful study.

I am currently pursuing a PhD in Gerontology at Simon Fraser University, under the supervision of Dr. Barbara Mitchell. I am hoping to future investigate my master’s thesis topic, while exploring my research focus in British Columbia.

Although Mount Saint Vincent University may be a smaller university, the opportunities are limitless. I often found ways to engage with the campus and department. Because of my active engagement within the department, I feel this program has supported my goals and I hope to apply the knowledge I’ve gained from this program throughout my PhD.