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Tracy McDonald English Administrative Assistant Administrative Assistant

  Tracy McDonald

Seton 561





Click on faculty names to find their contact numbers and webpage links (if any), and to discover more about their teaching and research interests. Information about the research conducted in our department is also available on our Research page.

Full-time faculty

Dr. Graham Fraser
On sabbatical 1 July 2023- 30 June 2024

Dr. Reina Green

Krista Collier-Jarvis
Acting Co-ordinator, Writing Minor, 1 July 2023- 30 June 2024

Dr. Karen Macfarlane

Dr. Diane Piccitto
Department Chair

Dr. Matthew Roby

Dr. Bernadette Russo

Dr. Nathaniel Street
On sabbatical 1 July 2023- 30 June 2024

Dr. Rhoda Zuk


Contract faculty

Dr. Brenna Duperron

Dr. Stephen Cloutier

Dr. Lynn Evans

Clare Goulet

Dr. Adrian Knapp

J Miller

Lesley Newhook

Dr. Sandra Orser

David Wilson


Dr. Rebecca Babcock

Dr. Mackenzie Bartlett

Dr. Katharine Bowlby

Dr. Jackie Cameron

Hilary Doda

Dr. Kristin Domm

Dr. Adam Hutka

Dr. Tina Northrup

Dr. Liam Young


Professors Emeriti

Dr. Susan Drain

Dr. Chris Ferns

Dr. David Monaghan

Dr. Peter Schwenger

Dr. Anna Smol

Professor Renate Usmiani (-1996)

Dr. Martha Westwater

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