Assistant Professor

B.A. (Hons) Mount Saint Vincent University
M.A., Ph.D., Dalhousie University



Teaching and Research Interests

American literature; American Gothic; horror; zombies; contagion; Indigenous literature; Indigenous ways of knowing and being; intergenerational trauma; difficult histories; Indigenous representation in museums; climate fiction; multispecies approaches; popular culture

Selected Publications

“’Danger: Children at Play’”: Uncanny Play in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.” Humanities: Gothic Adaptation: Intermedial and Intercultural Shape-Shifting, vol. 12, no. 5, 2023, p. 90,

Forthcoming – “’Okanada’: Repositing Selves and Others in Jeff Barnaby’s Blood Quantum.” Global Aboriginal/Indigenous Gothic, 2024, pp. 54-89.

Forthcoming – “Epilogue. Dis/insp/secting Global Indigenous Horror.” Global Aboriginal/Indigenous Gothic, Co-authored: June Scudeler, Krista Collier-Jarvis, Katrin Althans, and Naomi Simone Borwein, 2004.

“We Can Turn to Pop Culture for Lessons about How to Live with Covid-19 as Endemic.” The Conversation Canada,, 2002.

“The Importance of Indigenous Storytelling In Tales of Post-Apocalyptic Survival.” The Conversation Canada,, 2022.

“Like the Truck-Machines in ‘Mad Max,’ The ‘Freedom Convoy’ Relies on Access to Fuel.” The Conversation Canada,, 2022.

OpenThink Blog:, 2022.

Selected Presentations

“’We must have missed all the street signs in the enormous f***ing forest’: Indigenizing the Post-Apocalypse.” World Building; Hal-Con, 2023.

“Comparative Approaches in National Museums.” Thinking through the Museum; Halifax, N.S., 2023.

“Transgenerational Trauma.” Trauma, Memory, and Material Culture; Washington, D.C., 2023.

“Emlsigtmat: Ghostliness and Presencing in Betty.” Indigenous Literary Studies Association; Toronto, 2023.

“Too Ghoul for School: Monstrosity as Resistance in Rhymes for Young Ghouls.” Reckonings and Reimaginings, Association of Community College and University Teachers in English; Toronto, 2023.

“Using Indigenous Métissage to Decolonise Material Culture.” Thinking through the Museum; Virtual, 2023.

“Saving the Child within the Indian: Representing the Residential School Experience” (*adapted from Thinking through the Museum Workshop). Mass Violence and Its Lasting Impact on Indigenous Peoples: The Case of the Americas and Australia/Pacific Region; L.A., 2022.

“The ‘Freedom’ of the Open Road: Monstrous Machines and Petroculture in Mad Max: Fury Road.” Infinite Crises on the Single Earth: Science Fiction, Hope, and the End of the World; Hal-Con, 2022.

“Saving the Child within the Indian: Thinking through the Residential School Experience.” Thinking through the Museum; Warsaw, 2022.

“’Memory in Perpetuity’: Story, Animation, and Dreams in Indigenous-made Horror.” Gothic Interruptions, International Gothic Association; Dublin, 2022.

“’Danger: Children at Play’: Uncanny Play in Stephen King’s Pet Sematary.” Fear 2000; Online, 2022.

“The End(emic) is Nigh: Shifting Survival Discourse in the Zombie Narrative.” Association of Community College and University Teachers in English; Montreal, 2022.

“’…you will eat their sacrifices’: Indigenous Bodies, Netukulimk, and Consumption in Blood Quantum” [invited speaker]. Reckonings and Reimaginings, Association of Community College and University Teachers in English; Montreal, 2022.

“Are You Hungrier Than a Fifth Grader? Killing Little Girl Zombies in The Walking Dead.” Evil Children: Children and Evil: An Inclusive Interdisciplinary Conference (Progressive Connexions); Online, 2021.

“History as Contagion: Blood Quantum and the Use of Gothic Inversion.” Gothic in a Time of Contagion; Online, 2021.

“Lichenthropy: Resisting the Chthulucene in The Last of Us Remastered.” Gothic Terror, Gothic Horror (International Gothic Association); Chicago, 2019.

“Zombies Dine with a View: Utopic Spaces in Post-9/11 Zombie Films.” Association of Community College and University Teachers in English; Vancouver, 2019.

“I Don’t Want to Visit Grandma: Gerontophobia & Gothicism.” Frailty: The Joy of Geriatrics (Canadian Geriatrics Society); co-authored with Jasmine Mah, Halifax, 2019.