2020-2021 Academic Year

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CoordinatorJames Sawler, Bcomm, MA, PhD (Dalhousie), Associate Professor

Admission Requirements

Review sections 2.1.4 Admission Requirements and 2.1.6 Additional Admission Requirements.


This Bachelor of Arts program is primarily intended to prepare students as administrators with governments and non-governmental organizations in Canada. It orients students toward the public policy profession by combining core coursework in political studies and economics, with electives in a diverse array of disciplines. Political Studies courses provide knowledge about the unique environment within which government personnel work, both within Canada itself, and outside in terms of the changing international context. Economics courses provide background in the fundamentals of economic processes and the constraints within which policy decision-making operates. The liberal arts electives encourage students to experiment with the public policy knowledge they acquire from a variety of academic fields and perspectives. Internship placements with government and/or not for profit organizations provides the student with the practical experience necessary to perform well in future occupational settings. The specific goals of the program are as follows:

  1. To provide sufficient coursework to ensure that students develop capacities in such skill areas as critical thinking, policy analysis, and communication.
  2. To allow students an opportunity to pursue related courses in other programs and to develop areas of substantive expertise.
  3. To help prepare students for potential careers in public service and to be effective participants in democratic society.

Major ProgramStudents intending to complete the major degree must declare their intention to do so before registering for their sixth unit of coursework. Students who do not make this declaration within this time frame will not be permitted to register for further coursework.

Students must successfully complete 21.0 units with the following requirements:
1.0 unit internship (POLS 3399)
obtain a GPA of 2.0 in the courses required for the specialization
at least 9.0 units must be at the 2000 level or above

Note: No more than 4.0 units from professional areas may be counted toward the degree. Courses included in the Applied Human Nutrition science minor will not be counted as professional electives

Required Courses (3.5 units)
ECON 1101 0.5 unit
ECON 1102 0.5 unit
POLS 2203 0.5 unit
POLS 2214/PHIL 2214 0.5 unit
POLS 3304 0.5 unit
POLS 4406 0.5 unit
ENGL 2220/WRIT 2220 or WRIT 1120
(ENGL 2220/WRIT 2220 is recommended)
0.5 unit

Primary and Secondary Specializations
There are two fields of specializations in the program. Students must choose one of those fields as their primary specialization, and complete 5.0 units from their primary area of specialization. In addition, students must complete at least 2.0 units from the other area of specialization. Each of the two fields has designated required courses and lists of electives from which students may choose to complete their program.

Primary Specialization in Canadian Public Policy Required Courses
1.5 units selected from the following: 1.5 units
ECON 2204 0.5 unit
ECON 2206 0.5 unit
ECON 2208 0.5 unit
ECON 3308
0.5 unit
ECON 3325 0.5 unit
ECON 3335 0.5 unit
POLS 2201/CANA 2201 0.5 unit
POLS 2202/CANA 2202 0.5 unit
POLS 3306/BUSI 3306 0.5 unit
2.0 units of electives from the Public Policy and
Political Processes
2.0 units
2.0 units of electives from the Global Issues category 2.0 units
Primary Specialization in Global Issues Required Courses
ECON 2311 0.5 unit
ECON 2312 0.5 unit
ECON 3308
0.5 unit
ECON 3330 0.5 unit
ECON 3335 0.5 unit
POLS 1001/CANA 1001 0.5 unit
POLS 1002/CANA 1002 0.5 unit
POLS 2244 0.5 unit
POLS 3334 or POLS 3344 0.5 unit
1.5 units of electives from the Global Issues category 1.5 units
2.0 units of electives from the Public Policy and
Processes category
2.0 units


To obtain a minor in Public Policy Studies, students must fulfill the following requirements:
ECON 1101 and 1102
POLS 2203 and 3304
1.0 unit selected from one of the areas of specialization
Public Policy and Political Processes Global Issues
BUSI 3306/POLS 3306
CANA 2201/POLS 2201
CANA 2202/POLS 2202
CANA 3301/POLS 3301
CANA 4007/POLS 4007
ECON 2204
ECON 2206
ECON 2207
ECON 2208
ECON 3308
ECON 3325
ECON 3335
ECON 3550
FSGN 3450
HIST 3330
POLS 2201/CANA 2201
POLS 2202/CANA 2202
POLS 2205
POLS 2216/HIST 2216
POLS 2223/WOMS 2223
POLS 2227
POLS 3301/CANA 3301
POLS 3304
POLS 3306/BUSI 3306
POLS 3309
POLS 3361/WOMS 3361
POLS 3531/SOAN 3531
POLS 4006
POLS 4007/CANA 4007
SOAN 2250
SOAN 3531/POLS 3531
WOMS 2223/POLS 2223
WOMS 3361/POLS 3361
CANA 1001/POLS 1001
CANA 1002/POLS 1002
CANA 4007/POLS 4007
ECON 2311
ECON 2312
ECON 3308
ECON 3330
ECON 4444/POLS 4444
HIST 2219/POLS 2219
PHIL 3312/POLS 3312
POLS 1001/CANA 1001
POLS 1002/CANA 1002
POLS 2219/HIST 2219
POLS 2224
POLS 2244
POLS 3308
POLS 3310
POLS 3312/PHIL 3312
POLS 3324
POLS 3334
POLS 3344
POLS 3391/WOMS 3391
POLS 4006
POLS 4007/CANA 4007
POLS 4444/ECON 4444
SOAN 3533
WOMS 3391/POLS 3391

Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2020-2021 academic year which runs from September 01, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

For the complete 2019-2020 Academic Calendars, please consult the PDF versions of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar and Graduate Academic Calendars. (underlines are links to the PDF versions of each)

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