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About the Program

A graduate degree in Elementary & Middle School education will help you to become a more creative and effective teacher or educational administrator. In this program, you will focus on curriculum and teaching, discovering how theory affects and informs educational practice. Students can complete an MA or an MEd in Elementary and Middle School Education.

What you will study in Elementary & Middle School Education

Our Master’s programs in Elementary & Middle School Education focus on curriculum in order to help you to become a more effective teacher. You will study the theories that support teaching practices in elementary, middle, and junior high schools focusing on one or more subject areas central to the elementary and middle school curriculum: science, social studies, mathematics, language arts, or French.

Your Career

Our Master’s programs will help you to become a more effective classroom teacher, or to develop the skills that you need to become an effective educational administrator. Graduates of our programs are working as classroom and community teachers, principals, vice-principals and school board administrators, as consultants and curriculum developers, and as scholars, researchers, and university and college instructors.

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