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Why choose a degree in public relations at MSVU?

The Bachelor of Public Relations degree at MSVU (which recently celebrated its 40th anniversary) is known as the flagship undergraduate degree PR program in Canada.  The Bachelor of Public Relations (BPR) is a four-year degree designed to prepare students to work and lead as strategic public relations professionals. The BPR curriculum emphasizes public relations as a central function of organizations, and features a focus on both theory and practice. Throughout the degree, students develop a knowledge base in relationship management, organizational leadership, ethical decision-making, and communication planning. Students also advance their skills in content creation and platform management, digital storytelling, audiovisual design, writing, public speaking, research, and campaign and project management. The BPR involves hands-on, work-integrated learning components in all required courses and a central feature of the degree is up to three paid work terms in industry through MSVU’s world-renowned cooperative education program. The combination of coursework and on-the-job training empowers students to become confident and competent graduates with the necessary skills and experience to advance and succeed as strategic professionals in a high-demand career specialty.

The BPR offers flexible delivery options, including in-person and online. Our work-experience stream is an attractive option for transfer students and/or those seeking an accelerated timeline.

Studying public relations at MSVU gives you the opportunity to:

  • train in a high-demand field and get a job right out of university
  • work in paid PR positions with up to 12 months of hands-on experience through our renowned co-operative education program
  • enjoy flexible degree delivery options with on-campus or fully-online program streams
  • flourish in a supportive environment with great professors and small class sizes
  • learn in-demand skills in areas like content creation, digital storytelling, and multimedia design.

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Article: Top 5 reasons why public relations education is so important, especially during a pandemic

Changes in the way that humans interact with each other as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic mean that effective, professional communication is key to organizational survival. The past two years have seen an increased need for public relations expertise and highlighted the reasons why public relations education is so important. Dr. Amy Thurlow, Professor and Chair of the Department of Communication Studies at MSVU, shares her top 5 reasons why Public Relations education is so important, especially during a pandemic.


Public relations is a practice of managing strategic relationships. PR professionals work to connect with people through communication and creativity, using the latest tools, trends, and technology to help all sorts of organizations tell their stories to the world. This means that PR professionals often work to create content, liaise with media, generate excitement, manage digital channels, solve problems, and ensure that an organization’s relationships with all its partners remains positive. Public relations is one of the most vital roles in organizations today!

  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Strategy Advisor
  • Branding Specialist
  • Media Relations Manager
  • Social Advocate & Influencer
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Promotion & Events Manager
  • Corporate Communications Manager

…And many more!

  • you enjoy writing and editing
  • you are always on social media
  • you love being organized
  • you enjoy planning events
  • you have an eye for design
  • you want to make money while in university
  • you want a job right after graduating
  • you want a flexible career with tons of growth opportunities

“The program prepared me for the realities of the workforce by offering both traditional and innovative learning experiences in my field. Through practical skill-building in the classroom and incredible co-op work placements, I left MSVU with the experience and skills I needed to hit the ground running in my chosen career in media and digital content creation.” – Liz Duff, BPR ‘19