Mount Saint Vincent University Department of Applied Human Nutrition collaborates with the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association (NSDA) to evaluate and bridge eligible internationally educated dietitian candidates in order to become licensed to practice dietetics in Canada.

Interested candidates should refer to the NSDA Pathway to Licensure

If upgrading or bridging course work is required it can be completed at Mount Saint Vincent University or another approved educational site. Candidates registering with MSVU must meet university language requirements. MSVU offers two university credit courses NUTR 2260 & 2261 specifically designed to introduce candidates to the cultural context of dietetics in Canada. Candidates will examine cultural differences and similarities, meet Canadian dietitians, and gain important skills which will assist them in integrating into and understanding Canadian dietetic practice. These courses are available via distance. Additionally, candidates successfully completing all required bridging/upgrading requirements will be considered for practicum placement. Prior to practicum placement candidates will complete a Pre-practicum Evaluation to confirm readiness for placement. All candidates register for and follow the MSVU internship program although specific requirements may be modified to meet the individual needs of the candidate. Candidates are placed in approved practicum settings and supervised by a MSVU faculty advisor.

Interview with Mayra María Fajardo Galindo

For an overview of the development of our process- Sustainable Dietetics Bridging Program