Our 2021/2022 Executive Team

Co-President: Leah Forrest and Iknoor Singh
VP Marketing and Communications: Kathryn Francis
VP Administration: Arzoo Rahimi
VP Management: Ella Burns
VP Finance: Vacant
VP Internal Events: Vacant
VP External Events: Vacant

Faculty Advisors: Rhonda Bursey and Maria Matthews

Positions available for the BTS Executive for the 2021/22 academic year. You can apply to be the VP Finance, VP External Events, VP Internal Events. Email your application to btsociety@msvu.ca

How to Apply

  • Submit a 500 – 700 word essay to btsociety@msvu.ca and include the following:
  • A notice of which position you are applying for.
  • Why you would be a good fit for the position, including relevant past experience.
  • A list of activities/ideas you intend to pursue that will benefit the society.
  • Written confirmation that you will be enrolled as a full-time student (no study abroad, no mid-year graduation).
  • Written confirmation that you plan to attend at least 85% of the meetings.

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Contact us through social media:

Facebook: MSVU Business and Tourism Society

Instagram: @msvubtsociety
Twitter: @msvubtsociety

2020 2021 Executive

B&T society All together 2020

Co-President: Beth Connell and MacKenzie Parker
VP Marketing and Communications: Leah Forrest
VP Finance: Iknoor Singh
VP Internal Events: Kelly Pawliuk-Coderre
VP External Events: Garima
VP Management: Robyn Sutherland
VP Administration: Sophie Cadena-Ellis

2019 2020 Executive

2019 2020 BTS executive

45th Annual Learners and Leaders Business and Tourism Student Lead Conference

Join the society and have an opportunity to organize and host the Learners and Leaders Conference.

Student organizers:

Business and Tourism Society organizers of LL conference 2019


Cleve and Bilal

Cleve and Bilal Learners and Leaders conference 2019

CEO Panel

CEO panel LL conference 2019






Graduate Panel

Gradate Panel and Beth LL Conference 2019

Bilal and Mr Frizzell

Bilal and Mr Frizzell LL conference 2019





Pizza Social October 3rd, 2019

Check out the photos    BTS Pizza Social 2019

2018 Learners and Leaders Student Lead Conference October 25th.

Join the society and have an opportunity to organize and host the Learners and Leaders Conference.

BTS had a great group that volunteered for the 44th Annual Learners and Leaders Business and Tourism Conference.

2018 BTS student hosts at the LL conference


Pizza Social - September 20th, 2018

Successful Pizza Social to kick of the new academic year.


2018/2019 BTS pizza social

Ronald McDonald House - March 2018

Society gives $1000 to charity.

The Business and Tourism Society is proud to support the Ronald McDonald House in Halifax and its families.

Ronald McDonald house Mar 2018 BTS Charity