Program Highlights

Political Studies looks at socio-political change, conflict and governance at all levels of society, from the local to the global stage. Political ideas and values mold our society and shape the way we see and think. Political Studies helps you understand why governments make the decisions they do, teaches you to critically evaluate these decisions and allows you to be an informed, active citizen.

Students are also provided with tools essential to creating and implementing policy change. As a Political Studies student, you’ll educate yourself in how political systems work, look at the sources of local, national and international conflict and grapple with current issues in political life. As an example, take a look at some of the work our students have done in the POLS 3310 – American Politics in the Age of Trump – course:

Pre-Election Predictions Blog POLS 3310 (PDF)

Presidential Election Results overview POLS 3310 (PDF)

Elections Post-mortem blog POLS 3310 (PDF)

In our program, we emphasize three important areas of the discipline of political science: Canadian politics (both national and regional), political thought (both classical and contemporary) and international affairs. We encourage our students to sample from all these areas, to help them understand the political significance of globalization.

Career Options

A frequently asked question is –what can I do with a degree in political studies? The simple answer is – many things. A degree in Political Studies opens diverse career opportunities.

For example, recent graduates have found careers as:
• Lawyer
• Manager, Communications in the Canadian Armed Forces
• Intelligence Analyst in the Canadian Armed Forces
• Teacher
• Journalist with CNN in India
• Manager for a Recreational Facility

Other possible careers include:
• Public Service Officer
• Non-Governmental Organization Worker (e.g. the Red Cross)
• Senior Parliamentary Researcher
• Lobbyist
• Consumer Advocate
• Public Policy Analyst
• Political Aide
• Political Scientist
• Health and Social Policy Researcher
• Survey Poll Analyst