English and Cultural Studies are closely related disciplines. Several of our courses focus on or incorporate theories and approaches associated with cultural studies, and some of our faculty publish their research on topics such as film adaptations, fandom, television, and other media.

Several English courses can be counted towards a major or a minor in Cultural Studies. A full list of eligible English courses is on the Cultural Studies website. See our Course Guide for information on which of these courses will be offered in the current year.

English courses that may be counted toward the Cultural Studies degree.

(For further information, please contact the Cultural Studies Program Coordinator, Dr. Randi Warne, randi.warne@msvu.ca)

ENGL 2213: Contemporary Film

ENGL / WRIT 2223: History of Writing, Reading, and the Book

ENGL 2263: Detective Fiction

ENGL 3363: Feminisms and their Literatures

ENGL 4407: Queer Theory

ENGL 4408: Critical Theory

ENGL 4427: Studies in Victorian Culture

ENGL 4446: Studies in Contemporary Culture

ENGL 4475: Studies in Medievalism