The prerequisite for MATH 2208 is Grade XI Math or Grade XII Math or equivalent, or MATH 0027 with a grade C or better or MATH 0020 with a grade of at least C, or any 1000-level math course. Students planning to take MATH 2208 no longer have to write a placement test. However, we recommend that you try the self-test below to see if you still remember the skills you will need to start the course.

SELF-TEST INSTRUCTIONS The assessment will allow you to determine if you are familiar with the topics needed for the course. You should have a pencil, scrap paper, and a calculator handy. Going through all the topics at once will take a while, so you may prefer just to do a few topics at a time. If you miss more than one or two answers on any topic, it would be a good idea to review that topic before starting the course.

If many of the topics are unfamiliar to you then you should consider taking MATH 0027 before you take MATH 2208. This is a Mathematics and Statistics Preparation course designed specifically to prepare you for university-level Mathematics. It is a non-credit asynchronous online course that is usually offered each term and during summer school. The next available course will be listed in the current academic year’s timetable.