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GFDD 6501/GWGS 6501
Gender, Sexuality, and Education 0.5 unit
An introduction to issues and debates about gender and sexuality as they relate to education and in light of feminisms and feminist interventions in the everyday practices that reproduce gender inequalities and norms in schools and other educational sties. Note: Students who have received credit for GWGS 6501 may not take this course for credit.

GFDD 6510
History of Canadian Education 0.5 unit
This course focuses on the patterns of educational experience in the various regions of Canada. Debates in the historiographical literature are considered in Canadian educational history. Contemporary scholarship on the history of education in the various regions is examined and the strengths and weaknesses of regional and thematic approaches are assessed against conventional forms of historical narration.

GFDD 6512/GCRD 6319
History of Educational Ideas 0.5 unit
An examination of the social, cultural, and ideological forces that have affected ideas about education and their relationship to contemporary educational practices. Various aspects of education such as curriculum design, evaluation, implementation, and research are explored. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6319 may not take this course for credit.

GFDD 6513/GCRD 6305
Schooling and Social Justice 0.5 unit
An exploration of the connections between curriculum theorizing and practices, ways in which social issues are brought to bear upon curriculum, and how this is affected by the everyday lived experiences of students and teachers. This course also focuses on developing strategies for socially just classrooms. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6305 may not take this course for credit.

GFDD 6514
The Aesthetic in Experience 0.5 unit
An investigation of the role of aesthetic reflection in learning and teaching practices. By taking up art work or a related practice and by discussing readings drawn from different aesthetic perspectives, students will examine how formal engagement affects one’s concept of art, when art occurs and how it is practiced.

GFDD 6515
19th and 20th Century Critical Thinkers 0.5 unit
An introduction to critical thinkers in the western radical tradition, such as Marx, Adorno, and Habermas, who have profoundly influenced contemporary intellectual life and practices of educating for emancipatory learning.

GFDD 6517
Teachers, Their Organizations and Decision-Making in Education 0.5 unit
An examination of the historical, and current political/social context of teaching. The major themes of this course may include the relations and conflicts between teachers and their own organizations, government departments, educational administrators, parents and students; and the extent to which teachers have influenced educational policy.

GFDD 6518
Multiculturalism and Education 0.5 unit
An examination of the historical development of multiculturalism in Canada and the impact of official policies such as bilingualism and multiculturalism on educational practice and policy-making.

GFDD 6519/GCYS 6021
Sociology of Childhood and Adolescence 0.5 unit
This course offers an introduction to sociology of childhood and adolescence by examining the historical, contemporary or discursive premises of the field. It will introduce the students to the paradigm of children’s agency, investigate childhood and adolescence as a structural form, and explore different areas of research, and their implications for education, schooling, and socialization. Note: Students who have received credit for GCYS 6021 may not take this course for credit.

GFDD 6520
Contemporary Philosophy of Education 0.5 unit
Examines philosophy of education in the contemporary era, including work of early twentieth century philosophers of education, and considering the nature of philosophy of education, the role of the analytical tradition in the face of the anti-foundational challenges, and what philosophical inquiry means for teaching and learning.

GFDD 6521
Critical Thinking and Education 0.5 unit
This course addresses several important issues concerning critical thinking, drawing primarily on recent literature. Specific questions will include: How is critical thinking to be characterized? Is critical thinking subject-specific or generalizable? What is the critical spirit? How are critical thinking and creativity related? Is critical thinking possible? At what age should children be introduced to critical thinking? How is critical thinking to be fostered?

GFDD 6522
Open-Mindedness and Education 0.5 unit
This course examines the concept of open-mindedness and explores its relationship to other concepts such as neutrality, commitment, and doubt. Other issues include: The centrality of open-mindedness to the notion of an educated person, the relationship of open-mindedness to particular methods of teaching, the possibility of open-mindedness in teaching in particular subject areas, and the sceptical position that open-mindedness is impossible.

GFDD 6523
Issues in Teaching and Learning: A Philosophical-Historical Perspective 0.5 unit
A philosophical and historical discussion of issues in teaching and learning by focussing on assumptions of different pedagogical approaches and their historical roots.

GFDD 6531
Feminism and Educational Practices 0.5 unit
An advanced course for students who are familiar with basic feminist concepts. A central focus of the course will be to consider relations between gender, theory, practice and politics in education. The course will be inter-disciplinary and international in scope. It will cover a range of feminist within educational practice, research and pedagogies broadly defined.

GFDD 6532
Social Issues in the Curriculum 0.5 unit
This course examines what is learned (and not learned) in schools about social issues, how knowledge is produced through historically contingent practices, and how traditional school curricula provide particular frameworks from within which students “learn about” social issues. It also explores the constraints and the possibilities for critical pedagogy within schools. While the focus is on knowledge in schools, knowledge produced for use in other educational settings may be examined.

GFDD 6542
Education and Public Policy 0.5 unit
This course is concerned with how educational policies are formulated and how they might be better formulated. Consideration is given to the broad goals of Canadian education that policy-makers have attempted to define and accomplish. Commonly used techniques for formulating policy are examined and one or more major policy initiatives in Nova Scotia are assessed.

GFDD 6543
The Politics of Education 0.5 unit
Students in this course will be asked to:
1. examine the political dimensions of schools, school systems, and provincial educational authorities;
2. explore the various meanings and levels of meanings of “politics” and “political” in education;
3. analyze relationships of power, authority, and influence in educational settings;
4. relate the political aspects of education in settings with which they are familiar to broader political questions.

GFDD 6544/GCRD 6344
Race, Culture, and Education 0.5 unit
An examination of critical theories of race and culture and the adverse effects of hegemonic concepts on societal and educational structures, policies, pedagogies, and power relations, using historical and contemporary case studies of majority-minority relations in Canada. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6544 may not take this course for credit.

GFDD 6545/GCRD 6345
Indigenous and Decolonizing Studies in Education 0.5 unit
A survey of contemporary scholarship on Indigenous and decolonizing studies in education. The course deals in the theoretical foundations of movements like decolonization, resurgence, and reconciliation. The course also addresses ways of approaching Indigenous topics in teaching, the “decolonization” and “indigenization” of post-secondary institutions, and conducting ethical Indigenous research.

GFDD 6553
Research Seminar in Educational Foundations 0.5 unit
GFDD 6554
Research Seminar in Educational Foundations 0.5 unit
GFDD 6555
Research Seminar in Educational Foundations 1.0 unit
A seminar course for MEd or MA students in a topic related to Educational Foundations. Topics will vary. Note: May be taken more than once for credential credit.

GFDD 6556
Special Topics in Educational Foundations 0.5 unit
GFDD 6557
Special Topics in Educational Foundations 0.5 unit
GFDD 6558
Special Topics in Educational Foundations 1.0 unit
These courses are designed to allow students to study in greater depth a topic in Educational Foundations that is treated more briefly in another graduate course or a related topic that is not covered in another graduate course. Note: May be taken more than once for credential credit.


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