Exploring the application process

Our program prepares educators to teach in many types of educational settings be they locally, nationally and internationally. Through the combination of course work and practicum experiences the beginning educator will develop skills and abilities that are widely recognized and sought after in many career locations.

The following frequently asked questions are for those considering applying to the B.Ed. program.

This is a two year full-time on-campus program. The academic year runs from September to April (Year 1 practicum will go into May). The student completes a prescribed program totaling 10.0 units/60 credit hours over two academic years. To access all updated financial information, please visit the Financial Service Office.

Our program and admission requirements can be located in the University calendar.

Yes — It is possible to be admitted to the program with a conditional offer. Your application will be carefully reviewed to determine if you have enough and the appropriate undergraduate courses to begin the program. If you are admitted to the program your Offer of Admission letter will indicate the courses that will be necessary for you to complete within a particular timeframe. Please note that it is ultimately the students’ responsibility to ensure these conditions are met and that final transcripts are submitted to the University Registrar’s office and the Faculty of Education.

The B.Ed. application package is available online after mid-October for the following year’s admissions. The program applications are completed online, however please remember to print and have completed the supplementary information package. All completed applications includes your online application and completed supplementary information package and must be submitted to the Admissions office. Please call (902) 457-6117 or email the Admissions office at admissions@msvu.ca with any questions. The deadline for admission is normally near the end of January each year with a program start date of the first week in September. Please check the application package for the specific deadline date.

No – we are only offering the program as a full time on campus program.

Each year the number admitted to the programs vary according to the number of applications received and considered academically and professionally ready to begin the program. Applicants offered a place in the program will, normally, receive notification via e-mail from the Faculty of Education followed by a formal letter of admission from the Mount’s Admissions Office. Official letters from the Mount will also be sent to applicants that are either waitlisted or refused acceptance to the program.

Depends – The application process remains open until the program is deemed full. Deferral requests are made on a case by case basis and under extenuating circumstances. A formal deferral request must be made directly to the Director of Teacher Education for consideration and approval.

Those who are considering applying to the B.Ed. program should seek academic advice through the Education Office and email Education@msvu.ca. Potential applicants can get in touch with Katie McCabe for academic advising on the B.Ed. program, her email is Kathryn.McCabe@msvu.ca. Potential applicants may also wish to attend one of several public information sessions about the B.Ed. program offered throughout the academic year. Please visit the main B.Ed. webpage under the “News & Events” for updates on B.Ed. information sessions.

It may be possible to transfer to the B.Ed. program at the Mount from another institution. We do require you to go through the same admissions process as other applicants. If accepted to the program you can request to meet with the Director of Teacher Education to consult on course equivalency from your former university. Please note that our program requirements may be different from those of other programs, therefore not all completed course work at another university will necessarily be eligible for transfer credit. University policy indicates that with equivalency established a maximum of 5.0 units (30 credits) may be transferred from another program. All practicum course requirements however must be completed through Mount Saint Vincent University.

If you are admitted to the program and you think you have already taken a course that is offered in the Bachelor of Education program, consult with the Director about the possibility for a waiver. The course content will be reviewed before a decision is made. If a waiver is granted you will be able to replace the waived course with an Education elective course. Normally, waivers will have been considered during the admission process, but occasionally students identify other courses once in the program. All waivers must be requested before the end of September of the student’s first term in the program.

We are pleased to offer a few scholarships and bursaries for Bachelor of Education students at the Mount. You may apply for the scholarships that are designated for second year students after completing the first year of the program. Students may also apply for a limited number of departmental assistantships. Assistantship work is determined by the professor or staff that requests an assistant. The assistantship work may include: supporting research, or working in the Curriculum Resource Center (CRC). Assistantships may be available during the academic year and during the summer months.

The university’s tuition-driven bursaries are open for application in October with a November deadline. Bursaries will be awarded in January. At this time, all students registered in a program at the Mount can apply for awards ranging from $100 to $1,500. Awards are bestowed on the basis of documented financial need. For more information visit the Financial Aid Office.

Entrance Scholarships:

  • John Frederick Knodell Award – Awarded to a female student in Year I of the BEd Elementary program, who has completed her pre-university education in Nova Scotia schools and who is a graduate of Dalhousie University. The award is determined, on the basis of the student’s undergraduate record at Dalhousie.
  • Heather Jackson Scholarship – Entrance scholarship, awarded to one Year I student in the BEd program (Elementary or Secondary) based on assessment of the student’s application file.

In-Course Scholarships:

  • Sister M. Olga McKenna Award – Awarded to a student with a Prince Edward Island heritage, who is enrolled in the final year of the Bachelor of Education program.
  • Mary-Lou Redmond Award – Awarded to a mature student enrolled in the final year of the Bachelor of Education program who has demonstrated both a commitment to the advancement of women and consistently high academic standards.
  • Dr. Mary Schoeneberger Education Prize – Awarded by the Mount Saint Vincent Alumnae Association in memory of Dr. Mary Schoeneberger, former Education faculty member, to a second year student with outstanding work in the Bachelor of Education degree, as chosen by the faculty.
  • 10 In-course Merit Scholarships – Awarded to students enrolled in the final year of the Bachelor of Education program who have combined excellence in academic work with outstanding performance in practicum.

Convocation Awards:

  • Michael and Madeleine Merrigan Award –  Awarded to the Bachelor of Education student who exhibits strong leadership qualities in the program and in the wider community.

    Senate Medals (one Elementary, one Secondary, and one Visual Arts) –  Awarded to graduating students who exhibit academic excellence (average A-, or better), superior performance in practice teaching and leadership skills.

  • Faculty of Education Awards (4) –  Awarded to graduating students who did not win a Senate Medal but who exhibit academic excellence (average A-, or better) superior performance in practice teaching and leadership skills.
  • President’s Prize (determined by the University Convocation Awards Committee) – Awarded to graduating students from any university program who have given evidence of best fulfilling the university ideals of self-sacrifice and all round co-operation and who give promise of continued loyalty to the alma mater.
  • Kappa Gamma Pi (determined by University Convocation Awards Committee) –  Membership awarded to a graduating Bachelor of Education. student who exhibits scholarship, leadership and service. Members are selected for recognition of past accomplishments and anticipation of future service.