M.Sc. project in Forest Soil Ecology, Saint Mary’s University Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Atlantic Root Symbiosis Lab seeks a Masters of Science student for a project in forest soil ecology through the Masters in Applied Science program at Saint Mary’s University beginning in 2021. Ectomycorrhizal fungi form symbioses with the roots of forest trees and receive large amounts of carbon which are used to build fungal tissue. This fungal biomass is then consumed by other soil organisms and either respired or transformed into soil organic matter. The utilization of this mycorrhizal carbon has important implications for carbon sequestration in
forest soils. The research will involve interactions among forest soil organisms including ectomycorrhizal fungi, fungal endophytes and soil microarthropds. Methods could include identification of soil organisms by DNA sequencing (including next generation sequencing), real time PCR, and stable isotope analysis.

Please contact Gavin Kernaghan at gavin.kernaghan@msvu.ca for more information.