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GWGS 6330/CULS 3330/WOMS 3330
Canadian Women Film Directors 0.5 unit
A study of Canadian Women Film Directors’ contribution to narrative, documentary, experimental filmmaking and animation. Diverse directional styles and subject matter will be discussed in the context of sociohistorical changes that they reflect or resist. Readings will challenge dominant mainstream representation from various feminist perspectives and suggest alternate reception strategies. (Also listed under Canadian Studies)

GWGS 6501/GFDD 6501
Gender, Sexuality, and Education 0.5 unit
An introduction to issues and debates about gender and sexuality as they relate to education and in light of feminisms and feminist interventions in the everyday practices that reproduce gender inequalities and norms in schools and other educational sties.

GWGS 6601
Feminist Theory 0.5 unit
An in-depth study of feminist theory, emphasizing theoretical development over time and common assumptions and debates among feminist scholars. (Also listed as SMU WGST 6601)

GWGS 6602
Feminist Methodology 0.5 unit
An examination of feminist critiques and strategies around knowledge and research methodologies. It explores historical and contemporary debates on important research issues. (Also listed as SMU WGST 6602)

GWGS 6603
Graduate Seminar 0.5 unit
The graduate seminar is a forum for discussing student research proposals and for integrating insights and material from other venues. In the seminar, we work from an interdisciplinary perspective as we bring together issues related to feminist theory, methodology, and praxis. (Also listed as SMU WGST 6603)

GWGS 6604
Community Based Learning 0.5 unit
In this course, students will be required to engage in field-based learning which will be community based and developed in the context of each student’s interests and needs. Students will explore the theoretical, methodological and practical implications of their field-based experiences. Note: Students who received credit for GWGS 6603 prior to September 2002 may not take this course for credit.

GWGS 6607/ENGL 4407/WOMS 4407
Queer Theory 0.5 unit
A study of theories of otherness and disruptions of heteronormative discourses. The course will examine the origins of queer cultural criticism as well as more recent theorizations, covering topics such as sexuality, gender, desire, performance, identity politics, trans studies, camp, psychoanalytic theories of identification, and the representation of AIDS.

GWGS 6609
Directed Study 0.5 unit
GWGS 6614
Directed Study 0.5 unit
GWGS 6615
Directed Study 0.5 unit
GWGS 6616
Directed Study 1.0 unit
Prerequisites: A student must be enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Women and Gender Studies or in a Master’s program in a related field. Permission of faculty member willing to teach the course will also be required
Allows students to draw on a range of faculty research interests on topics where courses are not regularly offered. The student(s) and professor will design the program of study together. See program Coordinator for details. (Also listed as SMU WGST 6826-6849 and SMU WGST 6800-6925)

GWGS 6611/WOMS 4411
Senior Seminar 0.5 unit
GWGS 6612/WOMS 4412
Senior Seminar 0.5 unit
Prerequisites: Admission to the MA(GWGS) program or permission of the instructor
An advanced seminar on a selected women’s studies topic. Topic will vary from year to year. Note: Students taking this course for credit at the graduate level will have to complete additional requirements.

GWGS 6617/WOMS 3309
Feminism and Knowledge 1.0 unit
Prerequisite: Admission to the MA(GWGS) program or permission of the instructor
An examination of traditional and feminist theories of knowledge asking students to think about how, what and why they know what they know. What is knowledge? How do we know? And who can know it? Note: Students taking this course for credit at the graduate level will have to complete additional requirements.

GWGS 6620
Special Topics in Women & Gender Studies 1.0 unit
Prerequisites: Admission to the MA(GWGS) program or permission of the instructor
An opportunity for students to examine in-depth a selected topic in women and gender studies that is treated more briefly in another graduate course or a topic that is not covered in another graduate course. Topics will vary from year to year. (Also listed as SMU WGST 6604)

GWGS 6699
Thesis 2.0 units
The thesis requires a proposal, will demonstrate research and communications skills, and will be defended to fulfill the requirements. The thesis must meet the specifications set by the student’s home university.


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