Program Highlights

What is the difference between Order and Chaos, and which should we prefer? Religious Studies explores this question through courses that cover religious systems from around the world; specific topics such as food, sexuality, political rebellion and popular culture; and overarching themes like Evil (RELS 2201) and — for the particularly adept — Advanced Evil (RELS 3380).

You will also have the opportunity to consider questions such as:

  • Why is “sin” so much fun? Why are the punishments for disobedience so unfortunate?
  • Do arguments between humans and divine beings ever turn out well?
  • What is the relationship between politics and religion? Should there be one?
  • Why are there five “big religions” and what are the others?
  • How do rituals restore order? Can symbols transcend reason as a vehicle for truth?
  • Is gender a human construction, a cosmic reality, or both? And how would we know?

Religious Studies classes are full of lively discussion and open-ended inquiry. Everyone from gamers and geeks, to historians, philosophers. social critics, lovers of literature, science students and cultural analysts have found Religious Studies to be a perfect complement to their learning.

Explore what Religious Studies has to offer and you will never be bored.