SMP_9463a Amy Thurlow (Professor)BPR (Mount Saint Vincent University), MA (Saint Mary’s), APR, PhD (Saint Mary’s), FCPRS

Amy’s research interests focus on the areas of identity construction, critical historiography and organizational communication. Grounded in an approach of critical theory, Amy’s work has looked at the impact of communication on organizational change strategies, the role of power and legitimization in the construction of organizational and individual identities, and the relationship between history and theory in understandings of knowledge production.

Currently, Amy is a co-investigator on a 5-year, multi-institutional SSHRC grant entitled the Sociology of Management Knowledge Network. This project which ran from 2013-2018 was concerned with identifying, tracing and re-assembling the production of management knowledge in Canada. In addition, Amy is the principal investigator in a research partnership with the Canadian Public Relations Society titled the GAP (Generally Accepted Practices) VIII Canadian study. This research will contribute to an international study of generally accepted practices of public relations in Canada, the United States and five international partner nations.

Selected Publications

Thurlow, A. (2014). A Critical Historiography of Public Relations in Canada: rethinking an a historical symmetry. A paper presented at ASAC (Administrative Sciences Association of Canada) 2014, Huntsville, ON. (Best Paper Award, Business History Division.)

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