Undergraduate Students :
Third and fourth year students looking for research lab experience in developmental biology are encouraged to contact me to discuss current opportunities. I regularly require part-time undergraduate assistants. This work is often flexible to cater for your course load. Directed research is another option. Please contact me.

Students interested in Honours research projects in the fields of evolution and/or development should contact me to discuss available research projects. It is recommended that students should have completed BIOL 3322 Animal Developmental Biology.

Graduate Students :
Masters and PhD students interested in working on the craniofacial skeleton with an evo-devo approach are encouraged to contact me to discuss opportunities.

Post-doctoral fellows :
I currently have an opening in my research group for a post-doc to investigate the development of the vertebrate skeleton. This position will focus on the signals involved in the patterning of skeletal elements in one or more of these animals and the interactions between neural crest and mesodermal tissues. Applicants who have recently completed a PhD, have experience in molecular biology, developmental and cell biology are strongly encouraged to apply. This position offers opportunities to interact with a growing research group of undergraduates and graduate students in a well equipped CFI funded lab. Please email a CV, and a one page statement of your research experience and interests.