The following Prizes and Awards of Merit are avaialble for Biology students:

Department of Biology Award for Best Student:
Each year the Biology Department chooses a course and identifies the best student in the class.

Dr. Lillian Wainwright Biology Prize (MSVAA):
Awarded by the Mount Saint Vincent Alumnae Association, in memory of Dr. Lillian Wainwright, former faculty member of the Department of Biology. On the recommendation of the biology faculty, this award will be given to a third year (or having completed 10.0 units) biology major with a GPA of at least 3.5.

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour Award:
Established by the NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering Program – Atlantic Region, this award is in memory of Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour, CM. With enduring fondness for her Scottish homeland and the quality of Scotland’s academic programs, this Canadian chemist was an active advocate for women in science across Canada.

She is well-known for her research expertise in the handling, recycling and disposing of hazardous chemical waste, and for being an active and vocal advocate for women in science. Dr. Armour founded the Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science and Technology (WISEST) program, and served as the first Associate Dean of Science for Diversity at the University of Alberta. She was named a Canada 150 ambassador in 2017, a member of the Order of Canada in 2006, and a 3M Teaching Fellow in 1996, Canada’s premier award for undergraduate teaching.

This award will be presented annually on the recommendation of the Departments of Chemistry/Physics, Biology and Mathematics to undergraduate female students majoring in Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Mathematics with proven volunteer experience on the MSVU campus or larger community while studying at MSVU. Students must also have demonstrated growth in their understanding of their chosen scientific discipline. The award will be made annually to a female student who has completed a minimum of 5.0 units and maximum of 10.0 units in the Bachelor of Science program; who has achieved a minimum GPA of 2.0; and who has not yet received another scholarship or monetary award at MSVU within the same year.

Applicants must submit a resume and short cover letter to the head of their Department (via email – identifying their volunteer work either across the MSVU campus or in the community while studying at MSVU.

Greg Coakley Lab Award:
In honour of Greg Coakley, who served as the Biology Lab technician for 48 years, this award is given to the biology major having completed at least 10.0 units who shows the most enthusiasm and proficiency in laboratory work.

Outstanding Biology Student Award:
Awarded to a biology major of any year who has demonstrated a true love of biology and is expected to have a successful career in their field.

Sisters of Charity Award in Biology:
The Sisters of Charity Award in Biology is given to a Biology major who earned the highest grade in Introductory Biology and who has achieved the highest academic standing by mid-point of the second year of the program.

Sister Lua Gavin Endowed Scholarship:
Awarded annually upon the recommendation of the Biology Department to a Biology major entering the second year (or having completed 5.0 units). The recipient should have a high academic average and have given evidence of vision, curiosity, original thinking and active extracurricular involvement.

Committee Membership:

The following department members serve on the Scholarships and Awards Committee:

Department of Biology Award for Best Student

2024: Emma Daigle
2023: Jadyn Samson
2022: Courtney Strugnell
2021: Courtney Strugnell
2020: Jasmine Tang
2019: Emily Albert

Dr. Lillian Wainwright Biology Prize (MSVAA)

2024: Gabrielle Fenwick
2023: Maria Burns
2022: Alisha McNeil
2021: Jasmine Tang
2020: James Gailey
2019: Griffin Mountan

Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour Award

2024: Grace MacInnis
2023: Kathleen MacDonald

Greg Coakley Lab Award

2024: Samuel Palmer
2023: Amélie Moulin
2022: Hope Gorveatte
2021: Rachel Boutilier
2020: Nathan Livingston
2019: Griffin Mountan

Outstanding Biology Student Award

2024: Jean Bursey
2023: Julia Di Giosia
2022: Danielle Smith
2021: Samantha Beaton
2020: Unawarded
2019: James Gailey

Sisters of Charity Award in Biology

2024: Brooklyn MacLellan
2023: Gabrielle Fenwick
2022: Maria Burns
2021: Cassidy Robicheau
2020: Jasmine Tang
2019: Romman Muntzar

Sister Lua Gavin Endowed Scholarship

2024: Brooklyn MacLellan
2023: Gabrielle Fenwick
2022: Julia Di Giosia
2021: Cassidy Robicheau
2020: Unawarded
2019: Romman Muntzar