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GFSG 6606
Research Methods 0.5 unit
An examination of the elements of the research process. Emphasis will be given to various methodologies that are used for research in family studies and gerontology, and attention will be given to the philosophies underlying quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.

GFSG 6609
Fundamentals of Social Gerontology 0.5 unit
An examination of theoretical perspectives affecting individual and societal aging and an overview of contemporary issues affecting older adults. Students will analyze scholarly literature on family relationships, economic security, retirement, health and other issues of specific interest to class registrants.

GFSG 6610
Family Life Education 0.5 unit
An examination of the theoretical principles and methodological approaches employed in planning and implementing family life education programs within the variety of disciplines focusing on families and individuals across the life course. Students will have the opportunity to reflect upon the philosophies underpinning their practice. A critical perspective will be employed.

GFSG 6611
Aging, Health and Community 0.5 unit
An examination of issues regarding individual, community and population health and aging. Health promotion, chronic disease management and social determinants affecting physical and mental health of older people are considered. Policies and practices to improve health outcomes of older populations are evaluated.

GFSG 6612
Family Relations Across the Life Course 0.5 unit
An examination of social and psychological factors affecting contemporary family life with particular emphasis on roles, dynamics, and pathways across the life course. Students will analyze scholarly literature as a foundation for critique of interactional and societal dynamics.

GFSG 6613
Critical Theories in Family Studies and Gerontology 0.5 unit
An advanced theory course designed to develop analytical skills and critical thinking. The focus is on current social scientific theories and their implications for family studies and gerontology.

GFSG 6614
Family Violence Across the Life Course 0.5 unit
An analysis of family violence across the life course, covering intimate partner violence, child abuse, sibling, parent, and adolescent violence, and the abuse of older adults. Theoretical and practical perspectives will be developed through the course. An understanding of family violence from a critical ecological perspective will serve as a recurring theme throughout all discussions and analysis. Note: Students who have received credit for FSGN 3314 may not take this course for credit.

GFSG 6615
Program Planning: Implementation and Evaluation 0.5 unit
A study of the philosophy, concepts and practices of planning and implementing a range of programs related to family studies and gerontology. Development of a rationale for program planning, identification of socio-economic influences and characteristics of learners, selection of content and process, organization of program implementation, and evaluation of outcomes will be studied.

GFSG 6633
Social Policies on Family and Aging 0.5 unit
This is an advanced course in the analysis and development of social policies relating to the family and the elderly. The focus is on how policy is developed, the relationship between research and policy, and how to critically analyze existing policies.

GFSG 6644/FSGN 3344
Military and Veteran Families 0.5 unit
Graduate prerequisites: Enrolment in a graduate program
Undergraduate prerequisites: Completion of 5.0 units of university credit including 1.0 unit of FSGN or permission of the instructor
An analysis of research, theory, and practice focusing on military and veteran families across the life course. Informed by critical-ecological theory, emphasis in the course will be on military and veteran family resiliency. Note: Students who have received credit for FSGN 3344 may not take this course for credit.

GFSG 6650
Special Topics 0.5 unit
These courses are designed to allow students to study in greater depth a topic in family studies and gerontology that is treated only briefly in another graduate course or not covered in another graduate course. Note: No more than 0.5 unit towards a graduate degree may be acquired through special topics.

GFSG 6658
Directed Study 0.5 unit
Prerequisites: permission of the department Chair and the faculty member involved
Independent examination of the research literature designed to meet the special needs of individual graduate students. The graduate student will make arrangements with the faculty member in advance of registration. Note: No more than 0.5 unit towards a graduate degree may be acquired through directed study.

GFSG 6680
Seminar in Family Studies and Gerontology 0.5 unit
Prerequisites: 3.0 units of credit in the Master of Family Studies and Gerontology program or permission of the instructor
A synthesis of research and practice in Family Studies and Gerontology. Students will reflect upon their learning throughout the degree and apply their research/theoretical ideas to practical contexts in Family Studies and Gerontology through the development of a project planned in consultation with a faculty member.

GFSG 6691
Thesis 1.5 units
Required for completion of the MA(FSG) degree. Registration involves working with individual faculty members on the conceptualization, production, and defence of the thesis.


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