Brenda Hattie

Dr. Hattie has been part-time faculty for the Department of Women’s Studies since 2005, and has also taught for the Department of Family Studies and Gerontology. She was a research assistant at the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging from 2005-2013, where she worked on a range of projects, including several related to Age-Friendly Communities. Brenda has co-authored a number of reports and given presentations on her work at national and international academic conferences. She has also co-published a number of refereed journal articles.

Brenda completed a PhD in Philosophy of Educational Studies in 2018. She continues to teach at the Mount and is currently researching the work and social lives of the women who worked at the Dartmouth Marine Slips during World War II. Her most recent activism involved advocacy for the banning of conversion therapy in Nova Scotia. The ban came into effect in 2018.

Her academic interests include:

  • The experiences of rural women in Nova Scotia
  • Nova Scotian women and World War II
  • Queerness and health
  • Queer spirituality
  • The gendered experiences of women woodlot owners/managers

Scholarly Publications:

March 2016 “Exploring the social lives of young adults with disabilities” Submitted to Alter – European Journal of Disability research, Revue européenne de recherche sur le handicap
Authors: Cornelia Schneider and Brenda Hattie-Longmire
February 2016 “Queer spiritual paths: Transformative Learning Theory for analyzing the identity transformations of LGBTQ Christians” Submitted to Journal for Study of Spirituality
Authors: Brenda Hattie and Brenda Beagan
September 2015 “LGBTQ Experiences with Religion and Spirituality: Occupational Transition and Adaptation” Journal of Occupational Science, 4(2)
Authors: Brenda Beagan and Brenda Hattie
April 2014 “Examining life course transitions of young people with disabilities: The ACEE alumni study.” La nouvelle revue de l’adaptation et de la scolarisation, 68(4)
Authors: Cornelia Schneider, Saad Chahine, and Brenda Hattie-Longmire
March 2014 “Religion, spirituality and LGBTQ identity integration: ‘There’s a deep knowing within me, that I trust.’” Journal of LGBT Issues in Counseling, 9(2)
Authors: Brenda Beagan and Brenda Hattie
July 2013 “Reconfiguring spirituality and sexual/gender identity: ‘It’s a feeling of connection to something bigger, it’s part of a wholeness'” Journal of Religion and Spirituality in Social Work: Social Thought, 32(3)
Authors: Brenda Beagan and Brenda Hattie