Modern Languages

The Modern Languages Department offers undergraduate programs in French, practical programs in Spanish, and Chinese (Mandarin) courses. Our Modern Languages (MODL) programs allow students to fulfill requirements or recommended elective courses, and are of interest to those who wish to pursue personal or professional interests. They help those who want to study a language and a culture in-depth to meet their needs.

French Program Highlights

Our French program is the most comprehensive; we offer practically-oriented language courses at all levels, as well as courses in literature, culture, applied linguistics, and civilization of the Francophone world (with special emphasis on Canada – mainly Acadia and Québec – and France).

French may be taken as a major with honours, as a major or combined major in a degree program of 20.0 units, as a minor, as a concentration or as an elective at any level consistent with advanced standing and/or permission of the Modern Languages Department.

Placement Test

All new students in French, in particular those who are not sure which course(s) would be appropriate to their needs, should take the French Placement Test. No one will “fail” the test as we offer French courses at every level. For more information, please contact the Chair of the Department, the Language Lab supervisor or any professor (see “Contact Us”). Students transferring from other universities should consult the Chair of the Department.

French Major

The major option seeks to form good readers of Francophone literature, as well as critical thinkers, proficient writers, and strong oral communicators. Many of our students aspire to become school teachers, and we provide them with the background necessary to enter the Bachelor of Education program.

Other students hope to enter other domains such as translation, international relations, and tourism & hospitality. Our program provides the necessary knowledge and fluency to make our graduate desirable candidates on the job market.