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Graham Fraser, BA (Hons) Dalhousie, MA (McGill), PhD (Reading), Associate Professor

Minor in Writing

The minor in Writing is for those who want to explore the theory and practice of writing in a more intensive way than is possible in other courses. From histories, practices, and theories of rhetoric and composition to creative writing and the principles of editing and researching in a digital age, the topics covered in the minor in Writing examine various aspects of the academic discipline of writing studies.

To obtain a minor in Writing, students must fulfill the following requirements:
❏ WRIT 1120
❏ 2.5 additional units at the 2000 level or above from WRIT, ENGL/WRIT, LIBR 2100, COMM/WRIT 3512, and either ENGL 4407/WOMS 4407/GWGS 6607 or ENGL 4408. Students may not take both ENGL 4407/WOMS 4407/GWGS 6607 and ENGL 4408 toward the minor in Writing.

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