Important Dates for 2022/23

August 26: Proof of hours and work term report due for S22 BTHM work experience students

September 2: BBA co-op applications due for W23
September 7: Work term reports/projects due for S22 BBA co-op, Internship and BTHM co-op (September return) students
September 9: Arts and Science internship applications due for S23
September 12: Job postings begin for W23 students
September 26: First posting deadline for W23 students
September 29: BBA co-op applications due for S23


W22: Winter 2022
S22: Summer 2022
F22: Fall 2022
W23: Winter 2023
S23: Summer 2023

*Eligible students will receive an email with exact dates and times for workshops, seminars and required information sessions

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