Several Paths To A Rewarding Career

Bachelor of Business Administration

Our Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is designed to meet your needs and interests. We will provide you with a solid foundation in business, whether you decide to enter into our General Studies Program or focus on a specific area of business.

This is a four year program consisting of 20.0 units of course work. You can plan your program with the help of an academic advisor and our Registration Tools.


text reading In the BBA program you can major, concentrate or minor in any of these areas.

We also offer the following opportunities

BBA International Program

Jump Start Your Career in International Business Management

Here are the facts:

  • Over CAD$20.0 trillion in goods and services cross international borders each year.
  • One in three jobs in Canada depends directly on international trade.
  • A recent multi-national study by the QS Group found 60% of employers worldwide actively seek international study experience when recruiting.

No matter what occupation you choose the globalization of international business will have a major impact on your career. At the Mount we want to help you prepare for your career by providing you with the tools and experience necessary to prosper in the international marketplace.

Business student sitting in Rosaria Hall speaking about the International Business program. In addition to gaining a thorough understanding of the core areas of business management, completing a major, concentration or minor, the Mount’s BBA (International) allows you to explore global issues from both a business and public policy viewpoint. A highlight of the program is a semester spent at a partner university overseas experiencing business from an entirely different perspective. By the time you graduate you will be ready to take on any business challenge.

The Program

Students in the BBA (International) complete the following:

  • The 9.5 units of course work in Business, Math and Economics required of all BBA students.
  • An additional 4.0 units of Business, Tourism and Economics electives with a focus on the Mount’s international business offerings.
  • 3.0 units of course work in Global Issues chosen from those offered through the Public Policy Studies group. These courses allow you to examine a wide range of issues including Canadian foreign policy, globalization, global governance and the impacts of technology on war and peace.
  • 3.5 units of additional electives.

Of the 20.0 units of course work listed above, a minimum of 1.5 units must be completed at one of the Mount’s partner universities outside of Canada.

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The Semester Abroad

A key part of the BBA (International) is a semester studying at one of the Mount’s partner universities outside of Canada. While studying abroad you pay your regular tuition to the Mount. Some of our current options for overseas study are:

While learning some of the local language will be an important part of your experience overseas, our partner universities offer a range of courses taught in English.

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Co-operative Education

In your second year you will be eligible to enter the Co-operative Education BBA program which alternates terms in the classroom with hands-on paid work opportunities in your field of study that consists of a minimum of 13 weeks of full-time employment. The program consists of 23.0 units of study over four years.  You graduate with one full year of relevant work experience. That alone will make it easier for you to find the starting position you want.

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The Honours Bachelor of Business Administration

You have the option of completing an Honours BBA during the regular four-year program. You must complete a thesis and specific courses and have a GPA of 3.0 in all of the required courses. There is an application process to complete after 12.5 units of study. An advisor can help you plan your program. A Business and Tourism student after graduation holding their parchment with their family in the reception area with a holdup blue frame that says Mount Alumni on it. They are surrounded with blue and white balloons.

If you have already earned your BBA you can take the Honours Certificate which will make your credentials equivalent to that of an Honours BBA. You simply need to meet the requirements for the Honours degree.

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The Certificate and Diploma Programs

If a four-year BBA is not the right program for you, you can still earn a solid business education with academic credentials in two other programs: certificate and diploma. You can also take these programs in sequence, earning the appropriate credential, as you work toward your BBA degree. This gives you the opportunity to earn your degree with less of an up-front financial or time commitment.

The Certificate in Business Administration consists of 6.0 units in business administration. When you complete the program, you will have a basic understanding of the core business functions of management, marketing and accounting, with an appreciation of how business interacts with the economy.

The Diploma in Business Administration consists of 12.0 units of study. This program gives you the basic understanding and more. If you have earned a Certificate in Business Administration, you can enter this program and earn your diploma just by completing the additional 6.0 units of study. Once you have your Diploma in Business Administration, you can get your BBA by completing another 8.0 units of study.

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With the flexibility of the stepping stone approach of certificate-diploma-degree, you can follow your dream of getting a university education while making time for family, work and self.

 Happy Business and Tourism graduates in the hallway of Seton Academic Centre waiting to go in to their graduation ceremony. May 2017.

Masters of Public Relations program

The Department of Business and Tourism and the Department of Communication Studies have co-operated to develop a revised Masters in Public Relations (MPR) degree. Students who have graduated with a Business or Tourism, Public Relations, or related degree are eligible to apply to this exciting graduate program.

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