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Every company has a product or service to offer, but that alone is usually not enough to make them successful. Companies must be able to bring their products or services to market. That’s where marketing comes in. This is a broad field stretching from product management and market research to sales and advertising, and everything in between.

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You will get the knowledge and experience necessary to work in marketing planning, sales, promotion, customer service and more for businesses, non-profit, and public sector organizations. To complete a major in marketing, you must complete six full course units.

You may choose to complete a concentration in marketing instead of a major. This concentration is ideal if you want to learn about marketing but have an interest in another area of business as well. You can also take a double concentration, with the second in another field that interests you. For example, you could combine this concentration with a second concentration in management, finance, accounting, economics, or tourism and hospitality management.

When you take a double concentration, you will get a better overall understanding of more than one facet of business which, in turn, gives you more employment opportunities when you graduate.

You have the option of taking a minor in marketing which means you will need to complete three full units of coursework. With a marketing minor, you can learn about the field of marketing while doing a major, concentration, or a second minor in another area of business.

If you aren’t earning a degree, or you’re taking a tourism or non-business degree, the Certificate in Marketing provides you with an excellent education and recognized credentials. You will have a solid working knowledge so you will be able to perform marketing related duties in your career. To earn your Certificate in Marketing, you must complete six full units of coursework, consisting of core business and accounting courses. Normally, it takes up to three years to complete the Certificate in Marketing program.

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