Welcome to the Language Lab!

Language Lab

About the Language Lab

Working, practicing your pronunciation in French, Spanish or Mandarin, getting help from a language monitor, chatting and having a good time in a friendly environment: all this is possible at the Language Lab!

The Language Lab is open to students on a drop-in basis, except for the conversation groups with monitors, which are by appointment. Monitors (senior students) are there to help you, not to grade you! It is located in Seton Academic Centre, room 333. It has 25 computers for student use, as well as a flat screen TV.

Students can also book one of the two meeting rooms (called Et Caetera and In Extremis!) to work – or chat – with their friends and classmates.

The language lab supervisor is Enzo Le Doze.

In the Lab, you can…

  • Work at your own pace in an informal, friendly atmosphere
  • Obtain info about the French Placement Test if you are new to our French program
  • Practice listening and speaking using Audacity
  • Practice your pronunciation and vocabulary using Yabla and Rosetta Stone
  • Work on the exercises from the Lab manual used in your courses
  • Receive immediate feedback from lab monitors
  • Create, spell-check, revise with Antidote and print your assignments
  • Consult the reference library of real and on-line dictionaries and grammars
  • Watch course-related videos and movies in the language you study
  • Listen to French and Spanish music
  • Browse magazines and newspapers in French, Spanish, and Chinese
  • Relax in our little lounge
  • And more!

Students working in the “Et Caetera” room

Winter 2024 Schedule

The Language Lab is open from Monday to Friday
from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
It is closed on Statutory Holidays.

To sign up for conversations, please go to the Language Lab Moodle page.

Monitors’ Schedule to be confirmed soon.