Liaison Librarians


Librarian Lindsey MacCallum 115px Lindsey MacCallum:

  • Humanities — English, Cultural Studies, History, Philosophy, Religious Studies
  • Scholarly Publishing Librarian

Lindsey may be reached at 902-457-6402 or

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ssawchuk-profile-img Sandra Sawchuk:

  • Educational Studies — Education, Child & Youth Study
  • Data Services
  • User Experience and Engagement Librarian

Sandra may be reached at 902-457-6526 or

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Stan Orlov

Stan Orlov:

  • Business Studies — Business Administration, Information Technology, Public Relations, Tourism & Hospitality, Communication Studies
  • Modern Languages
  • Systems Librarian

Stan may be reached at 902-457-6212 or

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Librarian Meg Raven

Meg Raven:  

  • Sciences — Applied Human Nutrition, Biology, Chemistry & Physics, Mathematics & Computer Studies, Psychology, Statistics
  • Collections Librarian

Meg may be reached at 902-457-6403 or

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Denyse Rodrigues

Denyse Rodrigues:

  • Social Sciences — Canadian Studies, Economics, Family Studies & Gerontology, Political Studies, Sociology & Anthropology, Women’s Studies, Peace & Conflict Studies, Public Policy Studies
  • E-Learning & Library Research Services Librarian

Denyse may be reached at 902-457-6200 or

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The role of Liaison Librarians


To better support the research needs of Students and Faculty members, the Library has grouped departments and programs into five broad discipline categories with a Liaison Librarian responsible for each. Liaison Librarians are knowledgeable in the resources and services of the Library generally, and particularly in their area of focus.

In addition to being members of the Library’s Research Help Services team, Liaison Librarians offer Student research appointments for in-depth Library research support. Please contact your Liaison Librarian for assistance.

Library Orientation & Instruction
Liaison Librarians arrange Library orientation or Library Research Workshops as required by Faculty. These sessions highlight Library resources that students may find useful to complete their research and assignments. Faculty are asked to book their sessions through their Liaison Librarians as far in advance as possible to ensure Librarian and lab availability.

The Library also offers a credit course LIBR 2100 “Introduction to Research in the Information Age”. See the Undergraduate Calendar for more information.

Departmental Library Coordinators
Historically, departments have appointed a Library Coordinator to facilitate the flow of information between departments or programs and the Library. The Library is happy to continue working with Coordinators, with the department Chair or directly with whole departments depending on internal processes of the department. We encourage all Faculty members of a particular department to communicate with their Liaison Librarian to exchange information on specific collection or other Library needs.

Recommendations for Purchase
Although the Library has the ultimate responsibility for collection development, a close partnership exists between Liaison Librarians and departmental Faculty in the selection of Library materials and resources. This collaboration builds a strong and well-balanced collection relevant to the needs of both Students and Faculty.

According to the various internal processes of individual departments, each individual Faculty member is welcome to recommend books, online resources, or other material for purchase directly to their Liaison Librarian. Library Coordinators may wish to suggest a resources on behalf of departmental colleagues and submit this to the Library. Alternatively, orders can be submitted by using the Library recommendation web form.

The following order of priority should be used for resources selection:

1. the development and active maintenance of a core collection that supports the curriculum;

2. more specialized material of interest to several teaching departments;

3. more specialized materials of interest to a single teaching department; and

4. more specialized materials of interest to one or a few individuals.

Liaison Librarians are available to provide guidance and suggestions on the assignment of priorities.

Procedures for All Faculty
How to Submit Orders for Print Books & Audiovisuals

1. Check with your Departmental Library Coordinator to learn special procedures unique to your department.

2. You or your Departmental Library Coordinator should send requests to your Liaison Librarian who authorizes them for purchase. Copies of Choice reviews, marked catalogs from academic publishers, or copies of academic journal reviews are all acceptable. Please mark items clearly. Your orders should include the date, your name and department, and pertinent ordering information such as author, title, publisher, price, and ISBN. After the Liaison Librarian reviews the requests, they are sent to the Collections Assistant and entered in the Library Catalog (Novanet). If your request cannot be processed for any reason, you will be notified.

3. Mark RUSH on those orders which are needed immediately for use by a class. The Library will interpret this to mean: order this immediately using the quickest possible method, regardless of added cos. Because this normally involves a higher cost, and because Library staff can only handle a limited number of such requests, we ask that this method be used only when necessary. Cataloguing backlogs have been eliminated in recent years and the RUSH designation usually makes little difference in processing time.

4. You will be notified by e-mail when an item has been received by the Library unless you advise the Collections Assistant.

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Special Audio-Visual Procedures

DVDs are purchased from the same budget as books. All video requests are to be channeled through your Liaison Librarian who will send the request to the Collections Assistant for duplicate checking and ordering. Please include as much information as possible – such as the contact information of the producer/distributor.

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Reports Available to Departmental Library CoordinatorsOrder Status

At any time you may look in the Library Catalog (Novanet) to determine the status of any item you have requested. Status will be indicated by one of these statements:

* ON ORDER ~ Item has been ordered.
* IN PROCESS ~ Item has arrived but is being processed. If the item is urgently needed, contact the Collections Assistant and the process will be expedited.
* NEW BOOKS ~ Item has been processed and is on the New Books Shelf near the Access Services (Circulation) desk. The status changes to available when the book is taken from the New Books Shelf and place on the circulating shelves. Books can be borrowed from the New Books Shelf.
* NOTIFICATION ~ Will be by e-mail when the requested material has been received unless you advise the Collections Assistant otherwise.

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Periodicals and E-Journals

A periodical subscription, whether print or electronic, is a long-term commitment which includes not only ordering and cataloging, but also the preparation and cost of binding (when appropriate), and the claiming or replacing of lost print issues. Due to budget constraints, the high inflation rate for periodicals, the finite amount of available shelving, and the increase in periodical titles available electronically, we reserve the right to limit the initiation of new subscriptions. Therefore, all print and electronic periodical requests are reviewed by the Collections Librarian and University Librarian. Academic and professional journals indexed in available sources are given highest priority. Materials such as software or audio-visuals, the use of which you intend to restrict to members of your department, should be purchased from departmental budgets.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Your Liaison Librarian or Rodney Tucker, Coordinator of Resources and Acquisitions at 457-6410 or

revised December 8, 2015

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