Library Instruction

For more information or to book class workshops please contact your department’s Liaison Librarian.

Types of instruction:
* Library Research: Individuals
* Library Research Workshops: Classes
* Database Instruction

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Library Research – Individuals

Students may book individual or group appointments with a reference librarian to discuss a research assignment, or to learn to use databases, indexes, abstracts, Internet resources, reference materials, government documents or special collections.

Appointments can be booked:

* Monday – Friday, September – April
* Please book appointments in person at the Library Desk or phone 457-6250.
* Summer appointments are available. Please phone for details.

Library Research Workshops for Classes

Library Research Workshops are arranged upon faculty request and are held during class time. Sessions are held in the Library, in your regular classroom or in a lab. All equipment or lab bookings are handled by the Library.

Library Research Workshops are designed to meet the needs of specific research assignments. We find that students are most receptive to library instruction, and benefit the most, when the instruction is tied to a particular assignment or research question. Customized for the assignment, workshops will cover the following topics as appropriate:

* databases vs. the Internet: how they differ, which is the most appropriate;
* evaluating print and electronic sources;
* subject-specific reference collections;
* periodical literature: academic journals vs magazines, and their organization;
* using Google responsibly;
* government documents;
* citation, plagiarism and academic integrity, and;
* special collections or special requests

Librarians are happy to meet with faculty to discuss how an assignment can be tied to meaningful library research. Developing good library research skills (which includes the ability to: define what information is needed, locate information, evaluate information critically, use it effectively, and cite it responsibly) does not require that students write a research paper. Many alternative research assignments will introduce students to discipline-specific library research and, as an added bonus, do not invite plagiarism.

Librarians encourage the presence of faculty at workshops. We require that you send the Library a copy of the assignment students will be working on so that we may design a presentation that will benefit your class.

Please note that while ONE week notice is required to prepare a session for your class, some periods during the year (September, October, and January) are very popular and dates fill up quickly. Book early!

Database Instruction

Internet databases provide electronic access to journal/newspaper articles, abstracts and citations. Some products also index books, book chapters, theses, and dissertations. Click here to see a list of databases held at the MSVU Library.

Two types of Database instruction:

1. Students can book a 30-minute Library Research Appointment for instruction on using any of the Library’s electronic products. Please book in person at the Reference/Information Desk or phone 457-6250.

2. For entire classes, faculty may book a Library Research Workshop during class time. A hands-on session in a computer lab is provided whenever possible. Notice is required to book a computer lab and/or equipment.

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