Hui Li

Dr. Hui Li

Phone: 902-457-6518

Office: EVAR 359


Ph.D. Mathematics, North Carolina State University, USA, 1989.

B.Sc. Applied Mathematics, Huazhong University, China, 1982.


1990 – present:

Full time faculty, Department of Mathematics and Computer Studies at

Mount Saint Vincent University

Current Rank: Full Professor.



Introduction to Differential Equations, Introduction To Complex Analysis, Introduction To Real Analysis I and II, Introduction to Abstract Algebra I and II, Linear Algebra I and II, Intermediate Calculus I and II, Precalculus, Introduction To Probability and Statistics I and II, and Introduction To Programming With C++.


Stochastic Modelling, Queueing TheoryandMulti-dimensional Markov Chains.

Some of Recent Publications

1. Li, H. and Zhao, Y.Q. (2016), “A Kernel Method for Exact Tail Asymptotics Random Walks in the Quarter Plane”, submitted.

2. Wenzhe Ye, Hui Li, and Y.Q. Zhao (2015): “The Tail Behavior of a Longest-Queue-Served-First Queueing System: A Random Walk in the Half Plane”, Stochastic Models, DOI: 10.1080/15326349.2015.1039897

3. Li, H., Tavakoli, J and Zhao, Y. Q. (2013), “Exact Tail Asymptotics for Random Walks in the Quarter Plane – Singular Cases”, Queueing Systems, DOI: 10.1007/s11134-012-9321-y.

4. Li, H. and Zhao, Y.Q. (2012), “Exact Tail Asymptotics in a Generalized Two-

Parallel-Server Queuing System – A Kernel Approach”, Queueing Systems, DOI: 10.1007/s11134-011-9227-z.

5. Li, H. and Zhao, Y.Q. (2011), “Exact Tail Asymptotics in a Priority Queue – Characterizations of the Non-Preemptive Model”, Queueing Systems, DOI:


6. Li, H. and Zhao, Y. Q. (2009), “Exact Tail Asymptotics in a Priority Queue – Characterizations of the Preemptive Model”, Queueing Systems, 63, 355-381, 2009Q.M.

7. HE, Li, H., and Zhao, Y. Q. (2009), “Light–Tailed Behavior in QBD Processes with Countably Many Phases”, Stochastic Models, 25:50-75, 2009.

  1. Li, H., Miyazawa, M., and Zhao, Y. Q. (2007), “Geometric Decay in a QBD Process with Countable Background States and Its Application to Shortest Queues”, Stochastic Models, 23: 413-483, 2007.
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